Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Surgery Day

I would like to thank everyone that is praying for us today. I cannot tell you how much that means to us! Our God is WAY bigger than anything we face. He already knows the outcome of Emily's surgery and He is the one that will bring healing to her body. 

We arrived at Children's at 6:10am.  Emily's surgery was scheduled for 7:30.  We were taken to the pre-op area where we met with the nurse, Dr. M and several docs from the pain team that would be doing her anesthesia and epidural.  They explained everything to us and we signed consent forms.  When talking to Dr. M, I mentioned the shorter cast again and he said he would do that one if everything looked good.  

Emily was perfectly happy and relaxed until we put her on the gurney and changed her into a gown.  After that she was very edgy and nervous.  She jumped at every little noise.  We tried everything we could to comfort her, but it didn't relax her at all. 

We took Em back to the OR at about 7:50. We did not get to go in with her and that was very hard on me.  When she had outpatient surgery in May, we got to stay with her until she fell asleep. Not this time. And when they wheeled her away she was scared and reaching out for my hand.  I really wanted to stay with her and comfort her, to let her know it would be OK.  I wondered if I had done enough to prepare her for what was coming.  Watching them take her away and seeing her scared, just about broke my heart! 

We were sent into the waiting area where we would spend most of our day.  I was able to check facebook with my kindle and was overwhelmed by the number of people who were praying for us and sharing our story with others asking for prayer.  What a blessing to have so many people (even many we do not know personally) praying for our girl!

The surgery actually didn't start until about 9am.  They had a hard time getting the IV and epidural started, but we received an update around 10:30am that things were going well. 

Surgery ended around 1pm.  We met with Dr. M.  He said everything went well with the tendon lengthening and hip reconstruction.  He took bone from the leg to rebuild the socket of Emily's hip and shared some pics of the hardware that she had inside holding everything in place.   

The second pic shows more detail of the spot where the hip socket was reconstructed.  The hardware looks pretty medieval, but it is supposed to hold things in place while they heal.

Not long after talking with the doc, we were able to go see Emily in the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit).  She was able to get the shorter cast (she picked a bright pink color when we were in the pre-op room this morning).  She was pretty out of it for a while.  Her right arm looked like it was used as a pin cushion (evidence of the difficulty they had with the IV placement).  After a while, she was starting to try to move and the nurse gave her some muscle relaxer that seemed to help.  We had to wait for our room to be ready, so we didn't head upstairs until about 3:30.  

Thank you for all the prayers throughout! We felt at peace through the whole process. We knew she was in good hands - God's!

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