Sunday, January 19, 2014

Post Op Day 5

It has been an eventful morning so far! Emily did really well overnight. Her heart rate was in the 120's (it was in the 160's the past few days). Her oxygen levels were hovering around 100 and she sounded a lot less gunky. She did struggle some with spasms and pain since we spaced her meds out, but she was just kind of whiny, not crying her eyes out so we will take that as progress. 

This morning, right at the nurse shift change, Emily had a BM that required the help of about 5 people. I called the desk for help and the overnight PCA (patient care assistant) came into the room.  By that time, I had pulled back the covers to see how bad things were.  He looked a bit stunned and said "Um, we are going to need more help.".  Soon we had both nurses and both PCA's in the room and we all pitched in to clean up the mess.  The funny thing is, we all just stood there for about 2 minutes wondering where to begin.  We had to clean Emily and then move her to the wheelchair so the bed could be changed and cleaned.  Then we had to have housekeeping come and mop the floor (yes, it was THAT bad).  She is definitely making up for lost time! 

Her tummy still feels a bit tight, but we are heading in the right direction. She spent about 2 hours in her wheelchair. So she has been working hard this morning! Please keep those prayers coming. God is at work in Emily's body and He is going to bring healing. And now that she is a bit more awake, my girl is showing these docs and nurses just how strong she really is!

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