Friday, January 17, 2014

Post Op Day 3

First, some updates from yesterday:

Emily did have a blood transfusion in the afternoon. It really helped her look and feel a bit better - it also helped her heart rate to go down some. They were concerned about blowing her IV by doing the transfusion, but they also didn't want to stick her again.  Thankfully, they didn't run into any issues with the transfusion.

She had her catheter removed and did very well with that. She has some swelling but ice seems to be helping with that.  She was doing well with her feeds during the day. She never did have a bowel movement yesterday. She rested quite a bit during the day, but was still pretty jumpy, so I am not sure that she was feeling very rested.

Overnight, Emily decided to make things a little exciting. Around 3am, her oxygen levels dropped, her heart rate got pretty high and she spiked a fever. She was receiving her feeds through a pump, but decided that she was done with that, so she pushed all the formula out into a Farrell bag (it is supposed to allow her to push air out of her belly). She sounded pretty "gunky" and at one point was really struggling to breathe. She was put on oxygen and that seemed to help.

She had a chest x-ray and more blood work (did I mention the poor girl looks like a pin cushion at this point?). The chest x-ray showed that her left lung was not fully expanding so we had the respiratory team come and work with her a bit. I am also doing some breathing exercises with her throughout the day. Her fever finally broke close to 5 or 6 am. Her heart rate went down too, but is still on the higher side of normal. She has been on minimal oxygen all day and still sounds a bit “gunky”. She has been put back on IV fluids rather than her normal feeds, but we hope to continue the feeds overnight.

So here are our prayer needs at this point:
~ She needs to have a bowel movement.
~ Her breathing needs to stabilize so she no longer needs oxygen. Pray for no pneumonia!
~ We need to get back to regular feeds and she needs to tolerate them well.
~ Pain management has gone fairly well, pray that continues.

Thank you so much for the continued prayers! You have no idea how much it means to us! This has been a challenging time, but we know that God is in control of this situation and He knows Emily’s needs better than we do.

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