Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post Op Day 2

Last night at around 8pm, Emily was started on Oxycontin.  The pain team wanted to make sure the meds were in her system before her epidural was turned off (the plan was to turn it off today at 6am).  She had a MUCH better night of sleep than last night.  I am SO thankful for that!  We continue to use the sound machine to block out noise and put the folded up blankets on her arms to keep her from throwing her arms up in the air when she does startle.

Yesterday, the daytime nurse was concerned about Emily's IV in her left arm.  She was still able to give meds and flush it with no problems but kept a close eye on it.  Around 11pm, the night nurse said that the IV was blown.  He called the VAT team (vascular access team) and they were able to get an IV in her right arm on the first try.  Woo hoo!  I hate that she had to be stuck yet again, but I am thankful that this team was able to get it quickly.

Emily woke up around 3:30 am crying in pain. She has not done that since we got here. (I don't think the night time nurse was keeping up with her med schedule the way the daytime nurse was.)  She got some meds and went back to sleep.  At 6 am they turned off the epidural and she did not like that! She woke up crying not long after.  They have since removed it and are tweaking her meds to make up for that. She did really well with the removal - she is so strong!  She is resting right now, but is still a bit jumpy. The jumping tenses her whole body and hurts her.  When the pain team removed the epidural, they gave the OK to give meds every 3 hours instead of every 4 since Emily was struggling with that amount of time between meds. 

Her heart rate has been a little high. Her blood count is low so she may need a transfusion later. I have a feeling we may have a really ugly diaper situation at some point today. They have given her a LOT of Miralax (4 times the amount that she is used to getting!). She still has a catheter but that will be removed soon as well. 

We appreciate all of the prayers and support - keep those coming! We are making progress, but we have a way to go.

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