Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post Op Day 1

We had a rough night with Emily! She did not sleep much after leaving the PACU (post anesthesia care unit).  When we got to our room, we met LOTS of people and had to answer lots of questions.  She had a very hard time getting comfortable. She just kept startling and jumping at every noise and disturbance (and there was a steady stream of people coming in all night long).  When she would startle, her arms would fly up in the air and her body would jerk.  We could tell it was causing her pain.  I tried laying my head down next to her and holding both arms down until she fell asleep, but that did not work.  We tried several different meds throughout the night to help her relax but didn't see a difference. We had to put folded up blankets on her arms to weigh them down.  That seemed to keep her still and she was finally able to sleep around 3am.  

We did use one of her toys that plays music to drown out the noise but it didn't 't really help. She just seemed uncomfortable in her own skin and nothing was soothing her or helping her to relax. Because of the cast I could not use all of my usual methods either. I was feeling quite helpless!  There were times when I would just sit on my fold out bed and cry and pray that God would give her some relief.  I was frustrated that I could not help and I was exhausted (I had been up since about 3am the night before).  It was hard to see her in pain and not be able to help.

She is a bit more relaxed this morning so I am hoping she can rest.  Dr. M and the ortho team came in at around 6am to check her cast and incisions.  They had to wake me up when they came in.  Emily had some swelling in her right leg, but overall he was pleased with how things looked.  

The nurses were having a hard time getting blood from Emily.  The overnight nurse was able to draw blood from her IV, but it clotted so they weren't able to use it.  So the daytime nurse tried again and didn't have any luck.  They were afraid to stick her (since she already looks like a pin cushion!) so they called the VAT team (vascular access team).  They came, but said they wanted the nurse to try a finger stick before they would do anything.  The nurse was able to get some blood, but not enough.  So the VAT team had to come back and do the blood draw anyway.  It was CRAZY!  But thankfully, they were able to get blood on the first try and that was done.  

The daytime nurse did a great job of spacing out the meds so that Emily was able to relax and get some good rest (and me too).  I talked to the doc about all the traffic in our room and how it was disturbing Emily.  She asked the nurse and PCA (patient care assistant) to come in together so it would minimize the interruptions.  We also got a visit from Child Life (they offer help and support for patients and families).  We got a sound machine to help block out the noise and she put a sign on our door that said visitors had to check with the nurse before entering.  That helped our room to be much quieter throughout the day.  

I am thankful that Emily has been resting well.  I just hope she isn't sleeping too much and will still sleep tonight. Now we are trying to work our way up on feeds. So far so good.

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