Friday, June 14, 2013

Another one bites the dust (no pun intended)

Guess who lost another tooth?  

Emily now has a pretty big gap on the bottom.  That tooth has been wiggly since she lost the first one, but seemed to be hanging on pretty well. When I got Emily out of bed yesterday, I noticed that the tooth looked a bit odd. She has been pushing on it with her tongue and it was finally ready to come out.  Of course, I didn't pull the tooth because I am a big baby about that stuff.  Mike pulled it during their time together in the evening. 

When she lost her first tooth, Mike and I debated about what to do about it. We do not do Santa or the Easter Bunny so it didn't make sense to us to do the Tooth Fairy either. Plus, Emily couldn't care less about getting money.  So we decided to get a celebratory cupcake instead.   

Emily's dentist might not appreciate that, but Emily sure did.

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