Monday, April 22, 2013

A big day!

Guess who lost her first tooth!?!
When I took Emily to the dentist for her checkup and cleaning back in March, the hygienist mentioned that her two bottom teeth were just starting to get a little bit loose.  She said we probably had some time before they were ready to fall out.  She figured it would take a while because Emily doesn't eat a lot by mouth and what she does eat is soft.  Well, Emily is not one to follow other people's schedules!
This morning when I got her out of bed, her bottom tooth was at a bizarre angle.  She kept pushing against it with her tongue and you could see it wiggling.  I attempted to get it out, but wasn't able to get it.  To be honest, I was a little freaked out by it.  I am a big baby, I admit it!  I fed her breakfast and just kept an eye on the tooth.  I was paranoid that she would swallow it.     
When Mike got home from a morning prayer meeting, I told him about the tooth and he pulled it out.  He said it was barely hanging on at that point.  Guess all of my attempts with the tooth just loosened it for him. ha!  Emily had a small amount of blood in her mouth, but that was it.

It took FOREVER for her baby teeth to come in, so I figured she would lose them late.  Guess not! My baby girl is growing up! 

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Stephanie Kay said...

How exciting! Judging by the pictures she enjoyed the process. I'm sure she'll get lots of attention with that cute little gap! :)

Ellie (6) still has a few more teeth to lose and Sam (4.5) is no where near losing any. He is impatient to be like everyone else. :)