Sunday, March 31, 2013

A couple of pictures...that's sort of like an update

Well, clearly, I have been a slacker with the blog (major understatement, I know). So I am going to work on some updates for the grandparents and for the other 2 people who actually still check this blog to see how we are doing.

I figured I would start with some pictures of Emily in her Easter dress. Before Mike got her dressed this morning, he showed her the dress and her face lit up and she let out an "AAAH". She is definitely a girly-girl. She likes all things frilly and sparkly.

We had a great day celebrating with our church family today. The rest of the day was quiet with just the three of us spending time together.

Emily and I did attempt to color Easter eggs the other day. This was the first time we had attempted it. It did not go well. She got very excited about the whole process and kept hitting the cups full of dye. So it was over very quickly. I don't really like to eat hard-boiled eggs anyway...

She did do an Easter egg hunt with her therapeutic preschool class on Thursday.  The weather was nice, so all the kids went outside and searched for eggs.  She had a blast.  The teacher and therapists said she was very giggly the entire time.  She really does love her time there and I am so thankful.  It is a wonderful program!  Well, that's it for now.

Happy Easter!

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Stephanie Kay said...

I love that dress!! Very pretty and classic. We don't color eggs either. I just can't bear the mess. Happy Easter!