Friday, December 16, 2011

A plague on just our house

Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you were being followed? It is an eerie feeling. Well, lately, I feel like germs are following us everywhere we go. I am starting to feel like our house is a breeding ground for germs. With that in mind, wouldn't you like to receive some homemade cookies from us? :)

According to the calendar, winter hasn't started yet, but this has officially been the sickest winter ever! Emily has had more colds this year then she has ever had in previous years. I realize that being in school exposes her to more germs, but this is her second year in school. Shouldn't she be building up a tolerance by now? I also know that she is exposed to germs at the therapeutic preschool program at Childrens. But again, this is her second year. I expected lots of sickness last year and we did have our share, but this year has far surpassed it already.

I am thankful that she just seems to be dealing with colds and not something more serious. I just want the poor kid to get a break. When she gets a cold, it tends to hit her pretty hard. It takes her a while to work through the congestion, so even when she starts to feel better, she still sounds terrible for a while. It just breaks my heart. I feel like I have tried everything I can think to try and I just cannot seem to keep her healthy for a long stretch.

In the middle of September, she had a cold and missed a week of school and therapy (plus an extra day because of a crazy rash).

In the beginning of November, she had another cold and missed a week of school and therapy (plus an extra day because she had a rough night of sleep and was miserable the next day).

In the beginning of December, she had yet another cold and missed a day of school and two days of therapy.

This week, she missed a day of school and a day of therapy with, you guessed it, a cold!


There have been periods in between where she didn't have a cold, but she just wasn't herself. She has been very moody and jumpy and we just couldn't put our finger on what was going on. We have seen a few seizures as well. At the end of October, beginning of November, she had 3 in one week that lasted longer than her usual 1 minute. So her seizure meds were increased yet again (that is the 4th time this year). Unfortunately, she had another one at therapy last week and may have had one at home the other day (sometimes it is hard to tell). It has just been frustrating. If I am being completely honest, I will tell you that it makes me feel like I am failing as a parent because I cannot keep my child healthy. I know that is an irrational thought, but Mommy guilt isn't exactly rational, is it?

For Christmas, do you think I could get her a bubble? That may be the only way to keep her germ free for the rest of the winter!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear Little Em can't get rid of those nasty germs. But hey, Lord willing she is in the process of building up that tolerance you so desire! In spite of this, it is so good to hear how things are going on your end. We miss you guys. I sent an e-mail several weeks back before Thanksgiving but it may not have went through. We would love for you to drop a line when you are able and catch us up on work, church, etc. You are always in our thoughts/prayers.

(With all due respect, I felt like I should say to you that I would cautiously and prayerfully consider giving my e-mail out to strangers)

Praying Little Em gets better and grows a stronger tolerance.

Love and miss you guys.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Lynn (& Paul)

Stephanie said...

There's nothing rational about mommy guilt. My experience is that the length of time in the system doesn't reduce the amount of illnesses. Each season has a new batch of viruses and cold germs that the kids are exposed to. I've had similar thoughts about putting Sam in a bubble. Especially after this last round of tummy bug!

I'm sure you know that the above message is spam. The guy is just phishing for your info for a "Nigerian" scam. We get their emails all the time. sigh. Just comes with being online these days, I guess.