Friday, September 30, 2011

September Recap

I have such high hopes of updating the blog at least once a week. Obviously, that has not happened. So now I am resorting to a monthly recap.

The month started out pretty quiet. My last blog post was an update on Emily's vision appointments, so I won't get into that again. The week of Labor Day was great. Emily was so excited to go to school and to therapy every day. That Friday, she started to sound a little stuffy. Thus began our run with the plague. Well, plague may be a slight exaggeration. Emily actually had a cold, but it really knocked her out! She had a fever the Sunday after Labor Day and spent the whole day acting like a limp noodle. It was really pitiful. Her fever broke that night, thankfully.

We stayed home the entire next week. I didn't want Emily to share her germs with any other kids. So we skipped school, therapy and church. She seemed to be getting better on Tuesday, but then got worse on Thursday and Friday. The poor kid could barely breath. She wasn't sleeping very well. We had to use the nasal aspirator constantly. Funny thing is, she was in a pretty good mood during the day despite the fact that she seemed to feel awful.

We had our appointment with the orthopedic surgeon that week. I thought about cancelling it, but I knew it would take a while to get another one. It was an appointment that I wanted to avoid, but I figured we should get it over with. The end result of that appointment was another appointment in 6 months. The doctor was on the fence about doing surgery to lengthen Emily's tendons. He wants us to work on using the night time splints and continue with our current therapy plan. He also doesn't want to do surgery until I am comfortable with that plan and he is sure it is necessary. I appreciated his conservative approach.

That same day, we had an appointment to get Emily fitted for some new equipment. She was not happy about it, since we had already been at the hospital for 2 hours. The girl has her limits! She was fitted for a Special Tomato seat and a car seat. Thankfully, the appointment didn't take long. Both pieces were delivered to our house the next week. So far, the car seat is a big hit, but the Special Tomato seat is still up for debate, in Emily's mind.

After a week at home together, I was convinced that Emily was going to school on Monday. We both really needed a break from each other! She was still a bit congested, but had great energy and was in a really great mood. She went to church with us and did great. That night, I was getting her ready for bed and noticed a rash all over her stomach. I should say that she had a rash the day that she had a fever. There were about 5 or 6 spots and that was it. This time, her whole stomach was covered in little spots that looked a little like whitehead pimples. I was scared to death that she might have chicken pox. So she stayed home from school the next day and we went to the pediatrician. The doctor said the rash was caused by the virus that made her sick, but that the little puss spots on top were a sign of folliculitis. She gave us a script for some ointment and that really did wonders to heal the rash!

Since then, things have been pretty quiet. She has been so excited to be back at school and therapy. This week, we had two crying fits. One when we left therapy and one when we left school. The first time it happened at therapy, I thought she was mad because I was taking too long to leave (I was talking to the teacher). I figured she was done and she was letting me know it. The second fit happened at school when I decided to drive her home instead of letting her ride the bus. She was NOT happy. She cried and cried about it. Before she started crying, she even looked annoyed to see me there. Apparently, she was looking forward to the time on the bus with her friends. That made me wonder if her fit the day before was more about leaving her friends at therapy and less about being done with the work she was doing. She is letting me know that I am not as fun as her friends. It was bound to happen at some point...


Stephanie said...

Yep. Sounds like a normal social preschooler who doesn't like to leave all the fun. :)

Anonymous said...

My word, all I can say is that I hope and pray Little Em is back to normal, as well as you and Mike, and that you all can get back to spending her days doing what she enjoys! :)