Monday, August 08, 2011

Cardiology Update

Our last doctor appointment in July was with the Cardiologist. Emily was diagnosed with two heart issues in the NICU: Patent Ductus Arteriosis and Patent Foramen Ovale. Thankfully the Patent Foramen Ovale closed on it's own. The PDA is still there, but not really causing any issues/symptoms that we have noticed. So Emily typically sees the cardiologist once a year to check on things. The appointment is usually pretty uneventful (we like those kind of appointments).

First, we met a tech who did an EKG on Emily. Then a nurse came in to take her pulse and measure her and all that other good stuff. According to him, Emily is now 43 inches long. I think he was a bit generous with his numbers, but it probably isn't that far off. The girl is tall! Just for fun, Emily decided to make it impossible for him to get her blood pressure. He had to try 3 times before he got it. That has never happened before! Then, we met a cardiology fellow. (When he came in and said "I am Bob (don't remember his real name)". I thought "this doctor is pretty casual". haha) He examined Emily, asked a bunch of questions, listened to her heart, etc. One question that made me laugh was: "How is Emily's growth?". I looked her up and down (she was lying on the exam table) and said "GOOD". He said "Really?". Then I said "She is THREE!". His response was: "Oh, yeah, she's good.". haha!

Next Dr. K came in to see us. He did an exam on Emily and said she looks and sounds good. Her EKG was normal. He said that he could do surgery to close the PDA and explained how that would work. My thought is, if it isn't causing her any issues, why do surgery? He agreed for the time being, but just wanted me to be aware that it was an option. He said the main symptom to watch for that would tell us Emily was having issues with her PDA is fatigue. Well, that is hard to gauge in a child that doesn't do a lot of independent movement. So we will continue to see the cardiologist once a year for checkups and call if we have any concerns in the meantime.

He has scheduled Emily for an echo cardiogram tomorrow. He has the documentation from our old doc, but wants to make sure he has all the info he needs as he takes on Emily's case. Emily is supposed to be sedated for the test, but I am hoping that isn't necessary. Emily has had an ECHO every year since she was born and has never been sedated, why would we need to start now? She just needs to stay still on the table. Since she tends to startle on exam tables and isn't really interested in cooperating, that is where things could be tricky. Praying all goes well and we can skip the sedation.

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Anonymous said...

I pray as I write this that the echo went well today, without sedation. So glad to hear Little Em is getting such good, thorough medical care through all of her recent visits. Hopefully you have been able to squeeze some more fun time for you and Mike into your busy summer.

Continuing to love the blog.

Keep it coming.

Pics and videos are always great. :)