Thursday, February 17, 2011

Germs, germs go away!

Well, we are sick again! I cannot help but laugh about it. Our pediatrician told us that we could expect about 10 illnesses in her first year of school. The funny thing is, Emily has been sick once a month for the last 3 months and Mike and I are to blame for it.

In December, Mike and Emily both had a stomach bug (thankfully it skipped me). That made our Christmas really fun! Mike slept a lot and didn't eat much. Emily cried and cried. A stomach bug is a bit tricky for a kid that cannot throw up. So we cut down on her feedings and did a lot of snuggling. Unfortunately, we cut the feedings a bit too much and she ended up dehydrated. Not the best parenting decision we have made! That was our first stomach bug so we will know better next time (which hopefully won't be any time soon!). After a few days of Pedialyte, she was back to her old self again.

In January, I got a cold and shared with Emily, but not Mike. I guess I was trying to be nice since he didn't share his stomach bug with me. Emily and I had fevers, congestion and runny noses. I remember it lasted about a week or two, but it felt like forever. I took Emily to a new pediatrician at that point just to make sure we were covering all of our bases. He said we just had to keep doing what we were doing and wait it out. As a side note, I do like the new pediatrician, so that is a good thing.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I started to feel sick again. This time, I shared with Emily and Mike. I was sick for almost a week before they both got sick. Mike is already starting to feel better. I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic for a sinus infection, so hopefully that will help to rid my body of these germs once and for all. Emily started to sound stuffy on Tuesday. Actually, she had a low grade fever on Monday afternoon when I picked her up from school. On Tuesday, she went to the therapy program at the children's hospital and did great. Then Tuesday afternoon, the school called me because they were concerned about something else that I will get to in a minute. I kept her home from school yesterday and today. She also skipped the therapy program today. I just didn't want her to share her germs with anyone else. She has Friday and Monday off so I am hoping by next Tuesday she will be back to her old self again.

Now back to the reason that the school called me on Tuesday. I think Emily had an allergic reaction. One of her hands was really hot and puffy. It also looked pretty red, but she had played in red jello at the children's hospital that morning, so most of the redness was from that. She had a similar skin reaction in January. I took her with me to a doctor's appointment. While we were waiting, I noticed one hand was really red, hot and puffy. She also had bumps across her knuckles. When I got home I asked Mike's co-worker to look at it (he is a former nurse). We both figured she had a bug bite since there seemed to be a circle with a dot in the middle on her hand. We gave her Benadryl and rubbed some Benadryl gel on her hand and put her down for a nap. When I got her up, the other hand looked exactly the same. It was bizarre! That ruled out the bug bite in my mind. My only theory is an allergic reaction (and the circle we thought we saw was probably her knuckle - her hand was so swollen her knuckles became dimples).

That morning, I had given her a new breakfast - apples and strawberries. She liked it and ate it with no trouble at all. She has eaten apples many times before, but I think that was her first exposure to strawberries. All I can think is that she got her hands in her mouth and had a skin reaction. It seemed odd to me that she could have a contact allergy to a food, but not have any reaction to eating it, but that was the only thing that was new or different that day. I believe the same thing happened on Tuesday. She ate some strawberry jam (they always do a little snack during therapy that exposes the kids to different textures and tastes). The therapist said Emily loved the jam and was very excited about eating it. But when I picked her up from school later that afternoon her hand looked pretty similar to the reaction in January. The difference was, that most of the redness was from the jello and the reaction was not as widespread because she had Kinesio tape on her hand (it is a tape that helps her to keep her hands open). We gave her Benadryl and that seemed to do the trick. Guess Emily won't be eating strawberries anytime soon!

We are hoping the germs will go away and stay away for a while. I am thankful that it hasn't been more serious, but I am ready for all 3 of us to be healthy again.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, sorry to hear about all the sickness. Not fun. Strange about Little Em's reaction but glad nothing more serious. Allergies can be nasty. We pray you are all healthy quick.


kirstenpetree said...

Hope you all can get well and stay well! Layne has probably been sick 5-6 times since starting school. UGH!

Amy said...

About the could be food with a contact allergy but eating it is fine. My nephew had a similar situation. Whenever he had yogurt his chin would react. They took him to test for a milk allergy but he wasn't allergic. My sister put a little milk on his chin and he broke out. Yogurt he naturally got on himself as he was learning to eat and that's why that food did it. Anyway, hope that makes sense. He can eat dairy, it just can't be on his skin! :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That is strange to have an allergy where you can't touch it but it's ok to eat. Sounds like something to ask your pedi to test for. Hopefully the sickness is gone from your house and won't be back until fall!! But isn't allergy season coming up soon? :)