Thursday, August 12, 2010

Living in the woods and searching for stuff!

Well, it has been almost a month since I last posted. I think I might get the slacker of the year award!

We have moved into our new home. The move went very smooth thanks to our wonderful church family. We had more help than we ever expected. The guys had the truck loaded (from our apartment and our storage unit) and were hitting the road in under 2 hours. I had a group of wonderful ladies helping me to clean the apartment and we finished not long after they did. Emily was able to spend the morning visiting with a friend from church so she missed all the chaos. She had been pretty cranky right before the move. I am guessing my stress was showing and it was putting her on edge. So it was nice to get her out of the house and have some fun. We had a good size group of guys come here with us to help with unloading (our church family is the BEST!). The guys had lunch, helped us set up our beds and then hit the road, leaving us to the real fun of unpacking.

Emily has adjusted very well to having her own room. I am so thankful for that! We were able to have her room painted before we moved in and I love the color! It is called Wild Lilac. We painted it to match the new bedding she will have when she gets her big girl bed (we wanted her to stay in her crib for a while so she could get used to her new surroundings). There is so much change coming her way that I am not sure when we will make the switch, but we will see how it goes. The bedding in her crib doesn't match the walls at all so the room looks pretty interesting in the meantime.

Mike and I are slowly getting unpacked and settled in. We still ask "where is ..." several times a day. We are also figuring out where everything is. We are pretty far from stores, the highway and everything, but as we find our way around we are realizing it isn't so bad. We are living in a house on the grounds of the retreat center where Mike is working and it is absolutely beautiful. We have seen wild turkeys in our backyard, deer in our front yard and quite a few rabbits. I think it is going to be beautiful in the fall when the leaves change! Of course, I will enjoy the cooler weather too as we are still having a heat wave here in KY.

I have lots to tell you about with Emily. I even have some pictures and video to share, but that will have to wait for another time. Lots to do around here!


Anonymous said...

Dawn I am so glad you had so much help from your church family. They are great people. Enjoy the wildlife!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, you've landed! Good to hear the update. Can't wait for things to come as you continue to have time to share. (Remember to have a little fun time during all that work.)

Anxiously awaiting pics, video, and all to come...

Sarah said...

I wish you guys the best of luck. What an amazing time for your family.

Jenkins said...

So happy for the move and wishing you the best with settling in and unpacking!