Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did I mention she grows like a weed?

One of the things we have been working on lately is getting Emily into her Leckey chair more often. The Tumble Forms chair just does not put her in the correct position and give her the support that she really needs. The Leckey chair does. The trick is, she is not a big fan of the Leckey chair. The first morning, I put her in it, she cried and cried and it took me forever to calm her down. So, I have tried a few new things. We have tried reading (she loves books!). She has watched a video in it and this morning we went out in the backyard and played with the bubble machine. I know the picture is not the greatest. She really likes to suck on the chin strap on her chair. That makes it hard to see her face. What can you do? Taking pictures of a 2 year old doesn't always go the way you plan!

She did not get really excited about the bubbles, I think she was too busy wondering why we were outside in her chair (especially after what it took to get her outside in her chair - NOT easy!). She did not cry or whine, so I consider it a success. We will definitely try this again. As she gets used to it, I am sure she will get excited about the bubbles.

Yesterday afternoon, we picked up Emily's new turtle shell (TLSO). As you can see from the pictures, she has grown a little since we picked up her last one (the new one is on the left, in case you couldn't tell).

When I took her for the initial appointment, she had to lay on the table while they made a cast of her back and torso. She did really well on the table, which surprised me because she normally freaks out on exam tables. I think she is afraid of falling. To make the cast, they basically lay wet pieces of gauze-like material on her and wait for them to dry. She was OK when she was on her back, but when we put her on her belly, she was NOT happy. She really does not like being on her belly. She cried the whole time, no matter how much I tried to entertain her. Once we rolled her over, all was forgiven and she was her happy self again. The orthotist also adjusted her AFO's for us. The tops were pinching her feet and making marks, so he was able to take care of that for us.

This time around, she freaked out as soon as I laid her on the table and stayed on edge the entire time we were there. I joked with the orthotist that she must remember him and what he did to her last time. Thankfully, the fitting part of the appointment went fairly quickly. I think she was edgy during the appointment because she is still able to wiggle in her orthotics. She is able to lift her heels up and then whines about it because it is uncomfortable. We didn't do any more adjustments right now. We are continuing the process of increasing her Baclofen and want to see if that makes a difference. The fit on the AFO's is good, so we are hoping that once the Baclofen kicks in and relaxes those muscles she won't wiggle out as much. Time will tell...


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I thought of your "little" weed this morning with our pedi. said Ellie had grown a whole 2 inches in the last year and gained a whopping 3-4 pounds. She's now 10% for weight and 25% for height. Yeh, Emily could totally take Ellie! :D

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Dawn, she looks so grown up in her chair and looks great! I hope she gets used to it very quickly and enjoys some more bubbles!
Lovely to catch up with you guys on the blog too oxxo love to you.