Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some updates and some pictures

First, can you believe this is my 200th post? We started this blog in June of 2008 and if I updated it more regularly I might have reached that milestone long ago. Better late than never, right?

Well, since I seem to have complete writer's block these days (thus, the lack of posts), I am going to just list a bunch of random things and let you know what is going on.

We still don't have a definite answer about Mike's job. We actually have a 3rd interview scheduled for tomorrow. We would appreciate your prayers about that. All involved want to make sure that we are doing what God wants us to do. Once again, all 3 of us will be going. I know we will meet with the owner and I am sure there will be a few other people joining us as well. Our last interview was on a Saturday and he mentioned several times that he wished we could meet more of the staff. So I have a feeling that will take place this time around. Emily did pretty well last time (minus some interesting bathroom related incidents that every parent can relate to - kids just have a real knack for timing, don't they?).

I have mentioned the saga with Emily's orthotics several times. We had them for quite a few months before we even used them. Then we started using them and little Miss Houdini managed to wiggle out of them time and again. Mike has been back to the orthotist 6 or 7 times now and we are still having issues with them. On Mike's last visit, the orthotist decided to mold Emily for some new ones. He did make one final adjustment to make them as comfortable as possible while we wait. At this point, she cannot wiggle out of them, but she has enough room to move around and really rub her heal. Not good. So hopefully the new ones will work MUCH better. Time will tell.

Can I just take a moment or two to vent about insurance companies? Well, before I do, I have to say that I am SO thankful to have health insurance. I know a lot of people do not have it and I do not take that for granted. We would be living in a cardboard box if we had to pay for Emily's medical expenses. With that being said, insurance companies do make me a little nuts sometimes.

First, we had an incident with TC (Therapy Center) where Emily receives OT. She has been going there every week for a year. All that time, IC (insurance company) has been paying the claims that were submitted. That is, until March. As of March, they decided to reject every claim from TC. I called IC to find out what was going on. I was given a few different answers and then I asked if the rep could check a claim in Feb and compare it to a claim in March to see what was different. She told me she was having computer trouble and that she would call me back. I did not expect to hear from her again. A couple of days later she called back and again offered a few excuses. I just kept pressing the issue. I could not figure out what had changed between Feb and Mar that would make them stop paying (especially since I was still paying for our insurance every pay period!). Finally, she told me that there was an error on their part and that she would resubmit the claims. The old ones have been paid now, but it makes me wonder if new claims will be rejected causing me to repeat this fun little cycle over again.

Second, IC sent us a letter saying that they will not cover Emily's stander since it is not "medically necessary". According to the letter I received "studies have not shown that this type of treatment leads to long term benefits". We are waiting to hear what IC #2 thinks about the stander before pursuing anything further with IC #1. I did receive a letter from IC #2 the other day. They need more information before they will consider approving the stander. They had 5 items listed and the last one made me laugh. They want to know if there will be a caregiver available and able to safely assist in using the stander. Do they think our 2 1/2 year old lives alone? If Emily could get herself in and out of the stander on her own, we probably wouldn't need a stander at all. Sometimes I just have to laugh about this stuff!

Yes, we are still having a heat wave here in Kentucky. We did have a few days of high 80's last week, but that was short and sweet. Today and tomorrow we are supposed to hit 96 or 98. Joy oh joy! We have had the A/C running nonstop along with the ceiling fans. I am not a fan of the heat and humidity. Emily doesn't seem to mind, though. We went to the zoo this past Saturday. It was in the low 90's. She did great! She was happy and smiling the whole time. We used her stroller instead of her wheelchair so she could have some shade, so that meant she was not able to see as much. When she was able to see, it was so fun to watch her look in amazement at the animals. The penguins were a big hit. They would swim right by her line of vision and she would smile big and get really excited. She had the same reaction to some fish (no clue what kind). It is so fun to see things through the eyes of a child!

I may have mentioned this once or 458 times, but Emily is really slow to get teeth. She has been working on 2 bottom molars for months. One of them is about 3/4 of the way through the gums and the other is less than 1/4 of the way through. One night I was brushing her teeth and noticed that her mouth was full of blood. I freaked out a little bit, but then realized it was the gum coming off her back molar. She wasn't even phased by it. I still don't see any sign of the top ones, but it is harder to get a look up there, so I could be wrong. She is still missing one front tooth too. It looks like it has been right on the verge for a while now. The other day, we finally started to notice a little white peeking out. Maybe there is hope that teething will end someday in the near future. All I know is, I really hope her baby teeth don't start falling out until she is 10. That should give us enough time to recover and gear up for the teething process all over again.

To end this super long post, I thought I would share a quick video of Emily on the Carousel at the zoo:


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love the first picture! You can really see her bangs. So, insurance companies are frustrating? Who knew? ;) (kidding, totally kidding!!) Sorry to hear you're getting the run around!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Gosh, I hate battling insurance companies over things that shouldn't be battles! Like you said, if the 2.5 year old didn't need a caregiver at all times, she probably wouldn't need a stander!

The zoo looks like it was a lot of fun. Her smile is beautiful! :)

Jenkins said...

Praying for the job.

Praying for the battles with the insurance. We have had the exact same situations without much resolve yet. Oh the fun!

Yes teeth, that picture of her and you can see her teeth!

Cute on the carousel.