Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I guess breathing right has it's price

Well, it has been almost 3 weeks since Mike's surgery. Better late than never for an update on that, right?

Here is a rundown of the day:

I took the day off work. I had a lab appointment in the morning (annual thyroid check - all is well there).

I came home, took care of Emily while Mike ran some errands.

Emily and I dropped Mike off at the outpatient surgery center around noon. Once he was checked in, we headed home.

We got the call around 3:45 that Mike was in recovery. The nurse said the surgery went well.

I was in the middle of feeding Emily by mouth, so I had to throw the food away and make a bottle before hitting the road. I also had to change Emily into warmer clothes because it was stormy and had gotten very cold. It took us a little while to get out of the house and the surgery center is about 30 minutes away.

As I was getting Emily into her wheelchair to go into the building, my phone rang. The nurse was wondering when I was coming since they were closing soon (information that would have been helpful when she called). From the way she made it sound, I figured that Mike would be ready to go. That was not the case. He still had his IV and various other leads and was still wearing a johnny. The poor guy was shivering like crazy! He was drinking some Sprite and could barely talk because his mouth was so dry. He was also pretty loopy from the drugs.

So, while the nurse went over the post op procedures, I fed Emily. She then proceeded to poop, so I had to have the nurse bring over something for me to use to change her. While I did that, the nurse removed Mike's IV and all other leads that were still attached. Once Emily was squared away, I helped Mike to get his clothes on. He came in a t-shirt and shorts. I felt bad because it was pretty cold out by this time!

We finally got everything together and headed out. Emily got to ride next to her dad in side by side wheelchairs. The nurse got Mike situated while I put Emily in her car seat. And then she helped me to put Emily's wheelchair in the back of the van. I was so glad about that! I can lift it out of the van, but have a hard time putting it back in without taking it apart, which can be a hassle. I was anxious to get going since I knew we were going to hit rush hour traffic. We cranked the heat in the car the whole way home. Mike slept and I tried not to pass out!

When we got home, I put Emily to bed (the drop off and pick up times for Mike were smack dab in the middle of her nap times so she had barely slept all day and had a real attitude about that!). I set up Mike on the couch and headed out to pick up his drugs and get myself some dinner.

Before the surgery, I was worried about Mike trying to do too much while he was recovering. That was not a problem! He pretty much laid on the couch all night and slept on and off.

Here are a couple of shots of Mike post surgery:

The doctor's office had set up an appointment for the next day to remove the packing. The nurse told me to make sure Mike took his pain meds at least an hour before the appointment. We both thought that meant that it would be a pretty painful experience.

I was crazy enough to work a full day the day after his surgery. I figured Mike would spend the day sleeping. Plus, Katie, a college student with a love for kids comes every Friday morning to take care of Emily and we had a respite nurse watch her in the afternoon. I ended up taking an extra long lunch so that I could drive Mike to his appointment. Thankfully, Katie was able to come back for an hour while Emily was napping so she could be there when the nurse arrived.

The removal of the packing did not turn out the way that we thought. Mike said it felt pretty weird, but didn't hurt. And I was amazed at how much packing can fit in a nose! After it was removed, he felt a little light headed. The doctor said that was pretty normal. He laid him back and put a cold, wet gauze on his forehead. That really helped. After a few minutes Mike was fine.

The doctor told him to flush his nose with water mixed with baking soda and canning salt at least 2 times a day for the next 3 weeks. Mike was able to do this with Emily's booger sucker (otherwise known as a bulb syringe). He did this for a few days but then stopped. He didn't feel like it was helping and couldn't stand the constant salt taste in his mouth. He also stopped taking his pain meds the day after the surgery. They just made him feel tired and loopy. He felt like he couldn't function at all. So he just took Tylenol after that.

Things have gone pretty well since the surgery. The minute the packing was removed, Mike was amazed at how well he could breathe. The doctor said he had a lot of polyps on both sides of his nose, so he should notice a huge difference. That has definitely been the case. Mike has had some headaches, but that has gotten much better as time goes on. He is able to breathe so much better now. His sense of taste still isn't back to normal, but it is getting there. His sense of smell is back (not always a good thing when there are stinky diapers, but I guess that is the price to pay!). We are thankful that Mike was able to have this surgery and to get some relief.

Since, the pictures above are not the most flattering, I figured I would even things out by sharing some pics of Emily and Mike. You can see that she just adores her Dad!

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Katy said...

Sounds like it was a success! Emily looks like her dad--I never saw it before these pictures.