Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heat, helping others and praying about the future

Kentucky has been in a heat wave for a while now. Temperatures have been in the 90's and this week, the heat index has been up to 105. In other words, it has been HOT! The word that I keep hearing on the news is "oppressive". This kind of weather makes me very thankful for air conditioning (and makes me think about moving to Alaska). Although today I think the high was 90 or 91. I might need to break out a sweater.

This week our church is doing mission work locally. Teams have been doing various service projects for people in our community - tiling floors, building wheelchair ramps, weeding, trimming, etc. Then at night, we are having block parties with food, games, and music. It has been a great opportunity to meet our neighbors and find out about needs right in our own backyard. I took the week off work to take care of Emily so Mike could help out with these projects. Mike has been working hard! He actually took today off because I think he overdid it a bit yesterday. He just wasn't feeling quite right. The combination of the heat and the physical labor will do that to you.

I have been LOVING spending the week with Emily. On a workday, I usually get to spend about 3 hours a day with Emily. So having the whole day to hang out has been so much fun! The other day, we went to Kroger (the grocery store) in the morning and the mall in the afternoon. She did great at both places. In Kroger, she had an ear to ear grin the whole time - you would think that we were on a grand adventure! Yesterday, I got to go to play group and aqua therapy for the first time. It was great to meet all the kids that Emily plays with each week. And watching her in the pool was so fun! She really knows how to "work it". The therapist kept asking her to hold her head up and she would sometimes but other times she would just snuggle up to her. Then some girls came over to talk to her and her head popped right up and she kept it up for a while. Apparently she would rather socialize than work!

Last week, Mike had a job interview. It is for a director/administrator position at a camp/conference center. The initial interviews went well. The owner asked Mike to come back again with me and Emily. He would like to interview us as a family. We will be doing that on Saturday(6/26). We would really appreciate your prayer about this. Yes, Mike wants to get a job. Yes, I want to be home with Emily (that desire has grown stronger as I have spent this week with her). But more than anything, we want to be where God wants us. If this is the job for Mike, we would be moving 2 hours north. We would be leaving our church family. We would have to start over with doctors, therapists and school for Emily. That can be a little scary, but I have no doubt that God will help us to work out the details if this is where He wants us to go. God has always met our needs and we have no reason to believe that He is going to stop now.


Kerrie said...

We would hate to see you leave, but would be sooooo happy if you could finally be a stay at home mom, Dawn! Plus, we always have the Cincy aquarium!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the girl time is going great (pics would be wonderful).

Sounds also like the missions work is going wonderful, except of course for Mike's over-doing it. Praying he recovers quickly because, Lord willing, he'll be starting his new job soon!!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Sounds like Emily's a girl to me! Don't we ALL prefer socializing to work?! :)

Praying God's will is this new job!!

Katy said...

Very exciting! I will say a little prayer that today went well.