Monday, June 14, 2010

Equipment fun

Remember the saga with Emily's orthotics? We thought it had been resolved, but we were wrong. The saga continues! The last time Mike took Emily to the orthotist, he made an adjustment to the back piece of the AFO. He thinned it out so it wasn't quite as rigid. That allowed Emily to flex her toes just a little bit. The problem with that is, she is pushing up on her toes in the stander and rubbing her poor heels until they are bright red. Not good! She still manages to wiggle out of them every once in a while, too. So Mike takes her back to the orthotist on Wednesday. Maybe the sixth time is the charm!

Emily has been doing pretty well in her wheelchair. She still has her moments when she just hates it, but I believe the main reason for that is, she is 2 1/2. A few months ago, our PT ordered some accessories to make the fit even better for Emily. We received those and they have been working out great. Knee pads were added to the side of the chair to keep her legs straight (she tends to sit frog-legged). Elbow pads were added to the seat back to keep her arms from extending back. Molded foot holders were added to the foot plate to keep her feet straight (they were turning out when she was in the chair). These new pieces have really worked out well and we were thankful that it didn't take long for them to come in.

While we ordered the accessories for the wheelchair, we ordered a new head rest for Emily's Leckey seat. We have had the chair for a while and have not really been able to use it because the head rest did not give Emily the support she needed. So we had a rather large piece of equipment just taking up space in our living room. Not ideal. Well the new headrest arrived when the wheelchair accessories came in and we are now able to use the chair. Yay! It tilts in space, it has a high-low base so it can raise up to the kitchen counter or low down on the floor. It comes with a tray for Emily's switches and toys. All in all, it works out pretty well. Now we just have to get in the habit of using it more often.

Here is a shot of Emily in her Leckey chair. It is hard to see the headrest in this picture, but it is the same as the headrest on her wheelchair. It has 3 separate pieces. A horseshoe shape that goes around the back of her head. A bigger horseshoe shape that goes over her shoulders and then a piece that connects the two "legs" of the horseshoe to keep her head from coming forward. You can see from the picture Emily isn't always excited about this chair, but it gives her great support and allows us to do some fun activities with her.

I mentioned in our last post that we are ordering a stander for Emily and I forgot to mention what kind. It is called a Superstand.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Emily has some pretty neat gadgets! :)

Kristina said...

Horray for equipment that you can actually use! Looks like you are all set to enjoy the summer in style.

Anonymous said...

I've been away for a while with youth camp and just caught up on the last several blogs you posted-so good to hear Mike is recovering well and that Little Em is moving into equipment that will provide the support she needs, which will in turn stimulate her development. So glad you all have this blog so I can get updates and know how to pray for each of you.