Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She is one crafty girl

Back in January, I did a post about Emily's new AFO's. This is a shot comparing the old to the new: I was actually shocked to look back and figure out that we have had these orthotics since January. Five months later and we are still not able to use them. *sigh* Emily has managed to wiggle out of them every time we have put them on her. This has never happened with her other orthotics (I believe this is her 3rd pair).

Mike has been back to the orthotist several times for adjustments. They have even started to recognize his voice when he calls (that cannot be a good sign). We keep hoping that the next adjustment will make these work. When Mike is in the office, he tries everything he can to get Emily to wiggle out of them like she does at home. She will have none of it! She likes to be on her best behavior in public and make her parents look like liars!

After the latest adjustment (I believe that was number 4), Mike came home and put Emily down for a nap. She normally wears her orthotics all day long (except for bedtime). She doesn't complain about her old orthotics at all, but the new ones really do bring out the best in her! Normally she wiggles halfway out and then cries because she gets her foot stuck in some awkward position. We didn't hear any crying so we figured all was well. Boy, were we wrong!

This is how her orthotics looked when she got up from her nap:

Since we have not been able to show the orthotist her antics in person, we figured pictures would have to do. This is the first time, that she was able to get her foot all the way out of the bottom piece - oh, the skills she is able to master with just a little bit of practice!

Mike heads back to the orthotist tomorrow. We think it is time to give up on these and start from scratch. We are hoping to have better luck with a new pair. We really don't want to keep squeezing her feet into the old ones!


Amy said...

HAHAHAHA! Keepin' life interesting, isn't she?!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! She is quite the Houdini! :)

Jenkins said...

Quite impressive to wiggle out of those!