Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who knew such a tiny nose could hold all of that?

I have not done a very good job of updating the blog in the month of March, huh? Things have been a little hectic here. We did travel to RI and the trip went well. I will share some more details and some pics in a future post.

Just wanted to let you know what this little punkin has been up to lately.
Last week, she started to get what we thought was a cold. She skipped play group on Wed and aqua therapy on Thurs. Then Thurs night she slept through the night for the first time all week. She was in a great mood all day Fri and even went to OT. We thought she was on the mend. Then Sat rolls around and she sounds just as stuffy as she did before. She did not have a fever and was her happy self for the most part, so by Sunday, we had convinced ourselves that she just had allergies. It is starting to show signs of spring around here and that causes major issues for Mike. Emily sounded just like him, so we thought "like father, like daughter".

Monday morning, Emily was pretty cranky. She didn't want to eat breakfast and was just plain whiny. She had PT Monday afternoon and she was OK. She was poker faced the whole time with only an occasional hint of a smile when they were doing something fun. That is not typical for her - she loves her PT and giggles away when they do some fun stuff. Then yesterday, Emily was really really cranky in the morning. Mike took her temperature and sure enough, she had a low grade temp. That was when we gave up on the theory of allergies and decided she needed to go see the pediatrician.

Mike was able to get an appointment right away. Turns out, she has a sinus infection. Emily was perfectly fine at the doctor's office. Mike felt like he had to convince the doc that Emily was actually sick. She did not have a fever (we had given her Tylenol in the morning) and was calm and cool. The doc gave her a prescription for antibiotic and sent Mike on his way. The rest of the afternoon is a blur of crying, boogers, crying, choking and more crying. Emily was MISERABLE! She cried almost nonstop from about 1pm to 6pm. She got herself so worked up that it was almost impossible to calm her down! That made it very difficult to feed her or give her the medicine she needed. When she is crying, her entire stomach tightens up and you cannot put anything into her g-tube unless you force it in and we didn't really want to do that. We kept trying to get her to sleep so we could get some food and medicine in her (one advantage of the g-tube!). There were pockets of calm so we were able to get in some formula and her medicine. She did take a break for a short nap in Mike's arms. Then we put her down at 6 for a one hour nap. Not sure she really slept, but she laid in her crib quietly and Mike and I were happy to get a little break.

She woke up once last night because she could not breathe. Mike and I both took turns holding her because, once again, she was all worked up and could not calm down. Even Gloworm wasn't working! She finally went back to bed and slept until morning. Wish I could say the same. I could not get back to sleep for the life of me! And today I woke up feeling icky - yes, I believe that is the technical term for it. So our entire house is infected with germs at this point. Could it be the spring flowers and pollen? Maybe. Could it be the lack of sleep wearing down our defenses? Maybe. Could this little stinker be sharing her germs with us? Probably.


Amy said...

I think it's time to teach Emily when to share and when to keep things to herself--like her germs! :)

Sorry you're not feeling well...hope you can get some rest soon. Amazing how much sleep can help!

Kristina said...

Sorry to hear everyone is under the weather. Emma had a sinus infection that started to turn into an ear infection about a week and a half ago. I kept thinking it was allergies, too! Glad I'm not the old one :-) Good news is she was good as new after a day of antibiotics so hopefully Emily will be turning the corner soon!

Katy said...

We've had the funky cold/sinus thing around her. Doc finally relented and gave us some antibiotics. Whew! Glad she's on the mend.