Friday, March 05, 2010

Sleeping, eating and teething

We have been going up and down with Emily's nighttime feeding. I have mentioned before that Emily's nutritionist wanted us to increase her nighttime feeds quite a bit and we had to do it slowly. We started out at 370 cc's of formula at 46 cc's an hour in her feeding pump. We were trying to work our way up to 500 cc's at 55 cc's an hour. We made gradual increases by adding one ounce (30 cc's) and increasing the setting on the pump by just 2 cc's an hour. We would do that for several days (or even a week) before trying to increase again. Well, we have reached a plateau. We are now giving her 440 cc's at 50 cc's an hour.

Emily has let us know that 50 cc's an hour is her limit. She sent that message in three ways: She would wake up each night. She would not eat much of her breakfast. She would be pretty cranky in the morning. We had tried the increase (470 cc's at 52 cc's an hour) for 2 or 3 nights and then went back down. The night we went back down, she slept through the night. She was happy and cheery in the morning and ate a good amount of her breakfast. As our PT said today, it is so nice to have confirmation that you made a right decision. Amen!

There is a delicate balance in the amount of formula and water we try to give Emily each day. She obviously needs both and she obviously has a limit to how much her little stomach can handle. So we can't really make many adjustments there. Our nutritionist suggested we try to find a baby food that has higher calories. Emily eats a couple of ounces of baby food mixed with oatmeal by mouth twice a day. So we will do some exploring there to see what we can do. In the meantime, our girl is getting long and lean!

Her measurements this month were:
28 pounds 15 oz (up 1 oz from last month)
37 1/4 inches (up 1/4 inch from last month)

She is going to be taller than her mother by the time she hits first grade!

Well, I mentioned that Emily was waking up some nights while we were experimenting with her formula amounts. We got that ironed out just in time for her to start some major teething. I swear her teeth are starting to multiply like rabbits! She already had 4 front teeth, 4 molars and 4 "fangs" (and they really do look like fangs!). Just recently, she got a new top tooth, 2 new bottom teeth and now she is working on 2 molars! She doesn't want to waste time! When you wait a while to get teeth, you might as well get 4 or 5 at once, right?

Needless to say that has caused some restless nights for all of us! She has been pretty good about the whole thing really. She has had her cranky moments, but so have I and I am not working on any teeth at all! If she does wake up, we can usually put some Orajel on her gums and she will (eventually) go back to sleep. She likes to do a little bit of grinding first. I know I have mentioned that the noise drives me completely nuts. I have started to put cotton balls in my ears and that muffles the noise just enough for me to fall asleep. The good thing is, she does not grind in her sleep. So if she sleeps through the night, we are golden. If she wakes up, she will grind for a while until she dozes off again. Thank you cotton balls!

I attempted to catch a few shots of her showing off those pearly whites:

She had a huge wide mouthed grin just before I took this picture. She was smiling at her Puppy (see the orange foot on the left?). He sings songs and she LOVES him. As soon as I got the camera out, her smile got considerably smaller, but you get the idea.

This girl adores her Dad! Mike was tickling her and bouncing her and she was smiling and laughing away. He knows all the tricks for getting her to laugh, can't you tell?

Last, I had to share the following video. I was putting her to bed one night after a particularly cranky night (for both of us). When I set up her feeding pump, I use a plastic container to catch any of the formula that drips from running it through the line. I put the container on the night stand and the sound cracked her up. I just love that little giggle and had to share it!


Carla said...

She is beautiful! I can totally relate to the getting many teeth in at once:( its no fun. I'm curious about how you increase calories w/o increasing food. I have to do something similar with my Little Man. He can eat food, but has a definate limit. Our nutritionist recomended a tablespoon of olive oil (120 calories) in every meal as well as cocnut milk mixed in with his bottles. 2 oz. of that stuff is 150 calories. Anyways, just thought I would chip in my 2 cents worth:) I love reading about Emily:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! She does have some teeth in there! The smile is beautiful-what you were able to get of it.

I looove the video. She is so precious-melts your heart.


Holly said...

Us too! There are teeth coming in everywhere. Maybe everything will calm down after they get all the teeth in. We can only hope!

Love that beautiful smile:-)

Bugg's mama said...

She is CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! I totally hear you about the wheelchair thing. Our 4 year old son is in a Zippie Quickie! He doesn't talk and has no diagnosis but it's "severe." (hate that word - I just say 'extra special') I've learned to just smile ecstatically at people when they look at us.

love, Bree

Amy said...

What a contagious laugh! Love the video! I am laughing just thinking about it! Thanks!

ajourneyinmommying said...

Love the laughing! :)

I feel your pain on the teething....or should I say Emily's! (The lack of sleep gets TIRING!!!) I have had some pressure on my ears from congestion lately and have been feeling the pain from an ear infection and I am NOW seeing what my little guys have been through during these early years when they've had ear infections. OUCH!!! I had no idea how bad that can hurt!

Ouch about your finger, too! Are you so ready for SPRING so you're not out in the snow/cold trying to load equipment!!!

Love, Christie

Laura said...

Hi I just wanted to say what a beautiful daughter you have! I am so jealous I wish my son who is also g tube feed could have nice round cheeks, how do you do it?! We learned that increasing the pump every 2 ccs a week was tolerable once he hit 65ccs he let us know that was all he can handle so we have been at that rate for about 5 months (we bolus during the day), he is on goats milk now and tolerating that so well, reflux is gone(knock on wood). Have a wonderful day and God bless you and your family
Laura and Jonathan

Jenkins said...

I can barely comment on all of your updates because I am capitivated by that beautiful giggle! Nothing better!