Tuesday, March 02, 2010

She must know she looks adorable in her bathing suit

Aqua therapy has been going very well for Emily. She goes every other week and we could not be happier with the therapist!

The first week, Emily cried quite a bit. Mike said that he liked the therapist because she was able/willing to work through the crying. There is a tough balance with Emily crying during therapy. Some of the exercises hurt her because her muscles are tight. On the other hand, Emily is a 2 year old who cries in an attempt to get out of doing something she doesn't want to do. It can be a tough balance. Sometimes, therapy has to stop and she needs to be comforted. Other times, therapy has to continue on. Either way, the therapists usually have to be a bit creative. As you can imagine, Mike's tolerance for crying is higher than mine - so maybe it is a good thing that he goes to all of her therapy sessions.

Emily's second week of aqua therapy went much better than the first. She cried for the first few minutes in the pool. Mike and I always joke that Emily does not adapt well to change. Well, we joke about it because it is true. She tends to struggle with transitions. Once she got over the initial shock of being in the pool, Mike said she relaxed and had a great session.

This past week, there was no crying at all. There was some whining, but didn't I already mention she is 2? Mike said the therapist did a great job with Emily. She worked her pretty hard and Emily took it all in stride. She was showing the therapist what she could do! They were playing with a couple of books in the pool. Have I ever mentioned that Emily LOVES books? She was trying to help Emily to choose the book that she wanted. Side note: We do this by holding up two items. Emily chooses by looking at one item for a long period of time. Then we affirm her choice. One of the books was about princesses and Mike said she would barely look at the other book - she was enthralled with the princesses. She knows what she likes!

We are so thankful to have found another therapist to do aqua therapy with Emily. When Emily was doing aqua therapy before, we could see great improvements with her head control. We are thankful that she has the opportunity to get back in the pool and know she will learn some new skills.

(Sorry, no pictures to share!).


Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo! Awesome! Way to to Little Em! (oh man, no pics).


Amy said...

So thankful!!! And aren't the joys of being "2" great?!

Jenkins said...

Aqua therapy sounds great! Struggling with transitions is a theme in our house as well but glad to hear she relaxed this time.
I really want to try it but not sure how to find it in my area.

Kerrie said...

Glad you found a new therapist! Aqua therapy is AMAZING! I wish we could still go, it really helped a lot with Aidan's head control also. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Glad to hear being in the pool is going well. Two years olds are a lot of fun, aren't they? So does she alternate play group and aqua therapy each week? (Aren't they both every other week?)

Katy said...

No pictures! So glad she's starting to enjoy it. Charlie LOVES swimming. No aqua-therapy, bur regular old swimming is good.