Monday, March 08, 2010

March Happenings

We were hoping to move into a new place by March 1. That did not happen. We have looked in the paper, online, checked craig's list and even contacted real estate offices. We have not found anything that meets our needs and falls in our price range. We did find one apartment that was great, but it was on the second floor. Not very helpful! We also saw a house or two that would have worked for us, but happened to be located in a part of town that we would not want to live. So here we will stay. We will continue to look, but actually have taken a break the past couple of weeks. We have had a few other things going on.

On Friday, we traded in our SUV for a minivan. We will miss the perks that our SUV had (heated seats, 6 CD changer, 4 wheel drive and a little beep when you are about to back into things - backing up is not really one of my strong suits!). Those things were nice to have, but certainly not necessities. Now we have room to fit Emily's wheelchair in the van without taking it apart! We will be looking into a luggage ramp so we can just push it on up there rather than lifting it (which isn't even an option for me even though the minivan is considerably lower to the ground). Speaking of lower to the ground, it is SO much easier to get Emily into her car seat now (have I mentioned that I am 5 feet tall?). So far, we are loving the van. I think it is a better fit for us, than the SUV ever was.

One other thing that is coming our way in March is a road trip. We are going to be visiting family. We actually leave next weekend. If you remember how our last trip turned out, you can understand that we are a bit nervous about the trip, but we are remaining optimistic that things will go well. Emily was taking a medication that did not agree with her when we traveled in November. That is now out of her system and we have a few other plans in place to make this trip go a little smoother. I am looking forward to spending some time with family and I know they are excited to see Emily (they may say they are excited to see us too, but who are we kidding, it is all about her now! haha).


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Dawn, hope you have a lovely March and a beautiful family trip! Sounds like a great adventure on the van!
Bron xo

Amy said...

I hear you about the van! Hopefully it will travel well, too! Praying about moving--and your trip!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I LOVE having a van! Can't imagine going back to a car. Enjoy your time with family. ;)

Katy said...

My husband is not at all convinced that we need a van, but I keep dropping hints. Maybe once our wheelchair arrives he'll see things differently.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the van. We will be praying you have a safe and "good" trip. Enjoy yourself.


Anonymous said...

...and oh ya, bring back plenty of pics to share (videos are great too).


Michelle said...

oh I pray that this road trip will go much more smoothly and everyone will have a wonderful time visiting!

Jenkins said...

Nothing better than a road trip to really break in a new automobile!

We have an SUV and I am 5'9" so the van would be me bending over too much. I cannot imagine you being 5' and getting her in and our of an SUV, that is some serious arm workout!