Friday, February 05, 2010

This little piggie wanted to sleep and not eat

Things went pretty well with Emily's toe surgery on Wednesday morning. Mike got to the hospital with her at about 7am. After loads of paperwork, she finally went back around 8am. They came to get Mike a little after 9am. Emily was coming out of anesthesia and she was not happy about it. He was able to comfort her and eventually feed her. They ended up leaving the hospital at around 10.

She came home and went straight to bed. She slept until 1, when Mike got her up for lunch. She basically looked like a zombie and her toes looked like this:
She did pretty well Wednesday afternoon. She was really groggy and a bit clingy. She was tired but did not want to be put down for a nap. So she had lots of snuggle time with Dad and dozed on the couch quite a bit. (Have we ever mentioned how much we LOVE Gloworm? That toy is wonderful at calming her down when she is cranky!)
She did have one issue that day: dry heaving. Poor thing! She cannot throw up because of her nissen, so when she doesn't feel good or is too full, she dry heaves. She turns bright red from head to toe and it is very unpleasant! This happened quite a few times Wednesday afternoon. We can be slow to catch onto things, but finally figured out that the issue was the amount of formula we were feeding her. We were giving her the regular amount, and not taking into account the fact that the anesthesia probably did a number on her stomach. So that was not a good plan.

We cut down the meals later in the day and the dry heaving stopped. When I got her up from a nap at 7pm, she was back to her old self already. However, she had peed all over herself. She hadn't had many wet diapers all day and all those fluids they gave her during the surgery were just storing up. Poor kid was soaking wet (along with the sheets and the mattress pad - if you have changed a crib sheet recently, you know how much fun that can be!). Once I got her cleaned up and changed into nice dry jammies, she was happy as could be. We played with some toys and read some books and she was her old cheery self! Just to be safe, we decreased her nighttime feed and lowered the rate on her pump that night.

On Thursday morning, you would never know she had surgery on her toes the day before. Mike changed the bandages in the morning and she barely flinched. I have a very low tolerance for pain, blood or anything of the sort. I think I was more flustered about the bandage change then she was. The doctor operated on both big toes on both sides of the nail so hopefully she wont' have issues with ingrown toe nails again. They actually didn't look too bad when the bandage was off - I think they will heal up nicely. Mike kept squeezing her toes yesterday (he is really sick like that) and she didn't even respond. She definitely has her Dad's tolerance for pain because I am a BIG BABY!

On Thursday, Emily had her monthly appointment with the nutritionist. The last time we met she asked us to increase Emily's nighttime feed quite a bit (from 370 cc's to 500) and the rate on her pump from from 46 cc's an hour to 55 (for those doing the math at home 30 cc's = 1 ounce). When we did that, she did not respond well, so we went back down to where we started and and have slowly increased it. We are now up to 430 cc's of formula at 50 cc's an hour. It is going to be a slow process, but so far so good.

Emily was weighed and measured and here are the latest stats for our little weed:

Weight: 28 pounds 14 oz (up 5 oz from last month)
Height: 37 inches (up 3/8 in from last month)

We were very pleased to see some growth this time around! We are thankful that the small changes we have made so far are making a difference.

So all in all, Emily is doing well. Mike even took her to her regular OT therapy appointment today. She is still working on some teeth and that makes for some fun grinding and whining sessions. At this rate, she should be done with that by the time she is 6, so we can look forward to that.


Jenkins said...

So great that things went pretty well and her recovery from surgery (and vomiting) was quick. Her little feet are so precious.

I like the gloworm, we may have to give that a try.

Kerrie said...

OK. So Aidan has started teeth grinding again AND started to have some reflux. Maybe the two are related? Is Emily having a lot of reflux?

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord all went well. Thanks for sharing.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Just think, about the time she's 6 all those baby teeth will come out and the permanent teeth can come it! (Not helping much am I?) :) Sam was up one night this week. Perfectly happy if being held, screaming his head off if in bed. The next morning I saw the pearly white reason for his screams. sigh.. only 1 more tooth to go until we deal with his 2nd set of molars in a few years.

Marie said...

Glad that surgery went well.
It actually is good to go ahead and desensitize those little toes. The more you touch them now the less likely they are to be overly sensitive later.
Wish I had tips on the teeth grinding. Sorry...

Kristina said...

I got a kick out of the glowworm photo - Emily and glowworm match!

Sounds like she did great with the surgery. Kids really are troopers. I actually had an ingrown toenail issue and had a surgery probably similar to Emily when I was younger and have never looked back! Hope Emily has the same success!

Katy said...

So glad things went well. She's so tough!