Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Remember the excitement of a snow day when you were a kid? How you would wait anxiously to hear that school was canceled? I miss that just a little bit. When you grow up snow days are few and far between.

I work from home, so I don't really get snow days. I also don't have to worry about rush hour, dress codes or bad hair days. When it snows I don't have to clear off the car, get stuck in traffic, worry about accidents. I don't have a commute (unless you count walking down the hall). Instead, I get to spend the day working in my slippers. I can wear my PJ's all day if I really wanted (I never do, but I could). Working from home has its perks!

Mike understands. He has to take care of Emily - she is not going to dress, change and feed herself. So there are no snow days for him either.

Today was Emily's first snow day. She really has no idea, but still, it is her first one. She was supposed to start play group today.

We got a phone call from the group leader yesterday. She let us know that the kids would be passing out Valentine cards today and she didn't want us to feel left out. So I went to the store yesterday and bought Emily's first box of Valentine cards. *sigh* Last night, I helped Emily sign her name to each card. She picked out the purple marker and was fascinated when I showed her the letters she had made (with my help). It was very cute.

Today, school is canceled and that meant play group was canceled as well. So she will start next week. I guess she can give away her cards then. It is hard to think that my 2 year old will begin school this year (and play group is going to prepare her and us for that). I am slowly wrapping my mind around this idea. Slowly.

Here are a few pics of the snow yesterday. I opened up the back door and just started snapping pictures.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Emily in school? sigh.. These kids are growing much too fast!

Anonymous said...

Oh the pics are beautiful-I wish you would have got a few of Emily with her valentine cards. Hate she missed her play group but I'm sure many more will come soon enough.

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all

Michelle said...

I'm sorry her first play group was canceled!

Kayla's been out of school all week because of the we worked on her V-day cards (at the time I thought maybe they would go to school on Fri.) I hope they still exchange cards next week since we filled them all out!

Enjoy your snow day!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Looking forward to hearing how Emily enjoys playgroup next week...and exchanging Valentines! How sweet that she picked purple...:)