Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of the joys of being a girl

Last week, we took Emily to get a haircut. I wanted to take a before and after picture from the back so you could really see the difference, but that didn't happen. So I am going to improvise.

This is Emily before:
This is Emily after:

Doesn't she look SO excited in these pictures?

Can you see the difference? She has a LOT of hair! She sat on my lap this time and we were both covered in hair before we left the salon. I believe the hairdresser cut about 2 inches off. The goal was to even things out. In the back, she tends to grow a little "tail" in the middle - it always seems to be longer than the rest of her hair. Or maybe it is just straighter than the rest and just looks longer. Who knows?

Emily does have her mother's hair (minus the frizz thankfully). Her hair is fine, but she has a lot of it. That means it is wild and out of control most of the time. Wasn't that nice of me to pass that on? I do like to share. I think Mike was disappointed by the whole thing. He was hoping for a miracle cut that would make Emily's hair more manageable. He also hopes we will cut her hair short, but I have no intention of letting that happen.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Her excitement is overwhelming! :) I think she has beautiful hair. Ellie's is also fine but straight as a board (thanks to Joel). Not a lick of body, which means bows and barrettes tend to slide out. I keeping thinking I'm going to have her hair bobbed at the shoulders but it's almost to the middle of her back so I'm having a hard time doing it. Sigh. It would make it easier to take care of though.

M said...

I think she is adorable either way and I think her long wavy locks are beautiful! By the look on Emily's face she may share the opinion with her dad!

Anonymous said...

Her hair has always been one of the beauties about her! It is soo beautiful and she can always have some style by having a little bit of that "out-of-control" look (women pay big money for that).

Loving the pics,

Amy said...

Emily's hair is gorgeous! Love the curls--it looks so thick (I guess because she has so much!).

Jenkins said...

She looks thrilled.

But she does have some lovely locks!