Sunday, January 24, 2010

Her plate is FULL

First, I want to say thank you for all the advice and words of encouragement in response to my last post. I really appreciate it! Emily has been a bit better the past couple of days. There has been some whining (and plenty of teeth-grinding), but no crying fits. Yay! I am starting to see signs of a tooth coming through the gums on the top. Orajel is our friend!

The past few days when Emily has been in her stander, I have been entertaining her. Normally she will stay in her stander for 30 minutes with no problems. We set up a toy with a switch or her keyboard and she usually entertains herself. The past few days, she starts whining at around 10 minutes. So I have been distracting her with books. This is a good thing because it gives me the opportunity to work on some communication with her. Our speech therapist gave us a Big Mac switch to try out. It plays one message when Emily hits it. We have been using this for Emily to tell me when to turn the page of the book. She has gotten pretty good at it!

Not long ago, Emily got some new orthotics. Her toes were starting to hang over the edge of the old ones so it was time. Check out the difference in size:

She definitely has some room to grow with the new pair. The problem is, she also has enough room to wiggle out of them! Mike took her back to the orthotist and he put a second strap on the foot (the white one is the new strap). He put them on Emily and went to do something else for a few minutes. In that amount of time, she wiggled her foot out of the orthotic. He said the only other solution he could offer involved duct tape and super glue. Not very helpful! So we have been juggling back and forth between the two. If she is in her stander, she is OK in the new orthotic, because the weight of her body is on her feet. When she is sitting in her chair, she slides her foot up so her toe is pointing (the main reason for the orthotic is to keep her from pointing her toe all the time). Once her foot has wiggled up, it then gets trapped in this awkward pointing position and she starts crying. Clearly, it is not a well thought out escape plan!

Our PT tried putting on a few extra pair of socks the other day and that did work. It filled in enough of the space to keep her from wiggling around. However, since she wears her orthotics all day long, I think 3 or 4 pairs of socks will be a little too hot. So we will continue to use the old ones until we come up with a better solution.

Emily has another foot issue...ingrown toenails. Her big toes were looking a little red and puffy. At first I didn't think much of it, because I figured she was scrunching her toes together in her orthotics, but when she was barefoot and the redness did not go away after a while we got concerned. One of them really started to look bad, so Mike too her to a podiatrist this past week. He said one big toe is infected. She will go in for outpatient surgery the first week of February. He will take care of both big toenails at that time. We are not looking forward to that, but I am hoping it will go smoothly and she will not have the problem again.

Here is a shot of Emily hanging out on the couch. Don't mind the hair - I had put pigtails in earlier in the day and they were just about to fall out at this point. If you look really close, you can also see how red her big toe is.

We know the teething has been contributing to Emily's crankiness lately - there is no doubt about that. I am guessing the toenail issues are too. Funny thing is, when we touch her feet or even her toes, she does not flinch, cry, whimper or anything. She has no reaction at all. It certainly looks like it hurts though. Poor kid has an awful lot going on at once!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

She does have a lot on her plate!

Anonymous said...

Those little foam pads under her toes are supposed to prevent the toes from 'scrunching'. If the toes are scrunching in the orthotics, that's another fit problem. Sigh.

Ingrown toenails can be made worse by socks that are too tight over the toes. Wishing you the best on that. I've had nothing but good interactions with podiatrists.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Ouch, ingrown toenails hurt! Poor Emily. I hope that the podiatrist gets them cleaned up and she gets healthy little piggies back. The new AFO issue is a bugger, isn't it. I hate when they don't fit right. My Peanut's look exactly like Emily's purple pair.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Hate to hear about all the discomforts going on for you all and Little Em. I wish I had some type of advice but all I have to offer is prayer and encouragment.

Praying with you,

Territory Mom said...

I'm praying for you and Emily's toe. She is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Our little one worked herself out of two different serial castings! Our PT had never seen a kiddo do that. So I guess where there is a will there is a way and I am glad to see that they have that willfullness - it will serve them well some day! Hope that the teething settles down for Emily!

Dannette (mom who follows your blog)

Jenkins said...

We are just about to get fitted for the first pair of AFOs...I had no idea they come in colors!

Any great tips?