Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday was a BIG day in our house. Emily got her wheelchair! We are beside ourselves with excitement! We started the process last July, but it feels like it might as well have been July 2000. We are so thankful to have the chair. I am excited about the adventures that are ahead for Emily and her new wheels.

We used the chair for the first time at church last night. It is somewhat cumbersome and awkward right now, but we trust that the process will get easier the more we use it. And boy is the chair heavy! It is really fun to lift it up into our car! At the rate my muscles are going to be growing, people are going to start asking me if I am on steroids. haha Emily did great in the chair, although she is still a bit apprehensive about it. I think the fact that she is moving around shocks her a little bit.

I feel like I should be a bit more emotional about getting a wheelchair for Emily, but I am not. I am so excited about the way that she can now interact with the world. She is well supported and will be able to see and do so much more. How could I be sad or upset about that?

In other news, Emily will be starting aqua therapy again today. We found a new therapist and we are really excited. She will be going every other week, I believe. We saw great progress when she was doing aqua therapy before, but we just didn't click with that therapist. So we are thrilled to have found someone else that can do this wonderful therapy with Emily.

Today, we have our IFSP meeting to plan goals for the next 6 months with Emily's First Steps therapists (Kentucky's early intervention program). One of the new things we are adding to Emily's (already busy) schedule is play group. We talked about this at our last meeting but Emily had to go onto a waiting list at that time. Well, her number has come up and she will start that in the coming weeks.

We are very excited about the new possibilities in Emily's future.


Anonymous said...

Oh very exciting! The wheelchair is very nice-and she looks even more like a big girl! I am anxious too to see what new adventures Little Em encounters! Looking forward to it.

Rejoicing with you,

Auntie Christine said...

That is awesome! Good for you all!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I love that it's purple and has her name on the seat!! I'll be praying that your really 'click' with the new therapist.

Will the new play group be a 'drop and go' or will parents stay separate or will parents interact with all the children? Or do you have any idea what's going to happen? :)

Anonymous said...


You are such a great Mom! We're praying that all goes well with the aquatherapy today and the soon-to-come play dates~~sounds exciting.

AND...don't forget excitement IS an emotion so, therefore, you are full of emotion about your little girl, the things she's doing AND the things she's getting to make her life better (case in point-her new wheels!!!!).

ENJOY your family today! God is good!


Holly said...

Caleigh got her wheelchair yesterday too! She looks great in it.

I was actually excited about getting it too. I think I had done my grieving back when we ordered it in August. Now I'm over it and ready to explore the world.

Love her new hair cut btw. Such a beautiful girl :-)

Jenkins said...

She looks good in her new wheels!

Anonymous said...

Our little one got her first wheelchair this week too! It is amazing how this is going to open up her world - I can't wait for the snow to stop, so we can get outside with it! I found myself more excited and not sad either, as it is just another tool that we need to make life better at our house, so here we go!

Dannette (mom who follows your blog)

souldose said...

Even I'm excited for you guys... Congratulations Emily and enjoy it to the full

Kristina said...

Emily looks great in her new wheels! I love the color - purple is very regal :-)

I think this will open up her world a ton and make it easier on you, too. I lugged our chair in and out of the car for a long time before I worried a ton about throwing my back out - because, we know what a disaster that would be having to pick Emma up and down all day! So, we bought a suitcase ramp for the car and now I wheel it up instead of lifting it. It's been great, really. Let me know if you want to go that route and I'll give you more infor (there is a link to it on the long equipment list on my blog, actually).

Congrats on the chair and on the aqua therapy restarting and the play group. So much is coming together for Emily! What a great way to start out the year!

Cathy said...

I wonder also why am I excited about a wheelchair but when I see her interact with the world I find so much happiness. Emily is beautiful. I have been to visit in a while. I am praying she did well with the sedation.

Marie said...

Congrats on the new chair. Looking forward to catching up.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Dawn, she looks amazing! and what a cool chair! I am really so happy for her to have this and for her to be at her peers eye level for some chats! Enjoy, she will no doubt love some responsible older kids to help her ! ......i mean run really fast! lol Bron

AshleyS said...

Great looking chair--looks like Clayton's!! I love the color especially!