Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the award goes to...

Hi, remember me? I used to blog here back in 2009. Lately, I just don't seem to have enough hours in my day to get things done, so the blog has been on the back burner.

We have been dealing with some crankiness lately. No, not me or Mike (although I am sure we have had our moments), but Emily. We had a stretch of about 4 days when she was very whiny and cranky and we could not figure out why. We tried everything and she was still cranky. My concern was that she might have an ear infection or strep throat or something else. Emily isn't able to tug on her ears if they hurt or tell us if her throat or stomach or anything else hurts. So when she wasn't acting like herself and all our usual tricks didn't work - paranoia set it. Mike took her to the pediatrician and she ran a battery of tests. All came back negative. The poor girl had to deal with some not-so-nice side effects from those tests and that made me feel awful. I felt like we sent her to be tortured (mommy guilt is so fun, isn't it?).

She has continued to be cranky, but now we suspect that she is getting some teeth. Right now, she has 4 front teeth that have been in for a while, 4 molars that are through the gums, but still coming in the rest of the way and 4 canines that are mostly through the gums, but still coming in. She seems to be working on the other 2 top teeth in the front. Her gums are pretty puffy and swollen. The teething process really does take forever doesn't it? Emily likes to work on a few teeth at a time and I can only imagine how much that hurts! Poor kid!

The other option we came up with to explain the crankiness was hunger. We have not changed her calorie intake for a while and she seemed to get cranky around the same time every day. So we thought she might be getting hungry earlier. We met with her nutritionist a couple of weeks ago. Emily was weighed and measured as always. She did not gain any weight this month (she is still 28lbs 9 oz). That is 3 months in a row that she either lost weight or just stayed the same. So the nutritionist thought we should increase her calorie intake a bit. She wanted us to add 130 cc's more formula to her pump at night (30 cc's = an ounce so that is a bit over 4 ounces). She also wanted us to change the rate on the pump from 46 cc's an hour to 55 cc's an hour. She also suggested giving her more water during the day.

Well, we decided that we did not want to do a big jump all at once. So we increased her formula from 370 to 450 at night and increased the rate on the pump to 52 cc's an hour. We started that about a week and a half ago. We also added about 2 more ounces of water a day (the nutritionist said we could give her 4 or 5 more ounces). Emily has continued to be cranky day after day. She has also been waking up in the night. She has also been eating less by mouth. She just doesn't seem as interested especially for breakfast. We thought she was getting bored with the food choices. We give her fruit in the morning and there are only so many fruit combinations that she will eat.

Yesterday I was talking to our PT about some of this and she said she wondered if Emily was not eating breakfast because she was still full from the overnight feeding now that we increased it. That thought had never crossed my mind! The pump was ending around the same time as before, so I didn't really think it would make much of a difference. Last night she woke up crying again. We vented her tube and snuggled for a bit. Then put her back to bed without the pump running. She slept for the rest of the night. We have decided that we will cut back on some of the formula at night. Maybe we need to make a more gradual increase - we aren't really sure yet. I do believe that the increase is a cause for some of her crankiness lately. The poor kid was too full and probably felt bloated!

So I am pretty sure that Mike and I will be getting a parent of the year award. We definitely get points for complicating a simple issue! And we should probably get points for enduring the longest teething period in history (or maybe it just feels that way). If nothing else, the expression "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" certainly applies.

By the way, Emily did grow another 1/8 of an inch this month - making her 36 5/8 inches tall. I am thankful that Emily has the tall and lean genes instead of the short and pear-shaped genes of her mother.

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Katy said...

I do feel like feeding a special needs child is a complete tight rope walk--too far in any direction and it all goes to hell.