Monday, October 12, 2009

How we spent the Big Day

I wanted to fill in some details about how we spent Emily's second birthday.

We went to visit with Aidan and his family. His 2nd birthday is about 2 weeks before Emily's. He did get home from the hospital before his birthday, which was a blessing! They have had their share of adjustments, but they are all doing great. On Saturday, they had a party to celebrate his birthday (he is just a little bit obsessed with Sponge Bob).
Here is Emily hanging out with Aidan. He was a little tuckered out at his party. It can be pretty exhausting being TWO! But seriously, how cute is he?
Kip and Kerrie were very sweet. They got Emily a birthday cake too. We were not expecting that at all!
Emily enjoyed some blue frosting (not enough to open her eyes for the camera, but you get the idea).
I did finally get her to look at the camera when Dad was playing with her. She sure LOVES her Daddy.

After the party, we were going to go to the zoo, but that did not work out. We forgot that they are having a Halloween party every weekend this month. They charge for parking and I believe you are supposed to show up in costume (at least the kids). Oh well!

So instead Emily took a nap before we went for a nice walk and enjoyed the cool October weather (yes, it is actually cool here now - woo hoo!).

After our walk, we decided to continue on with our birthday tradition. We came home to have cupcakes. I just buy 2. Mike eats one, and Emily and I share one (she eats the frosting and I eat the cupcake itself).

I tried to have Mike take a picture of the two of us. This was the only one that Emily was looking in the general direction of the camera. You have take what you can get!
Cupcake time!
She would put her hands under the cupcake and lift it up while her head came down. It was pretty adorable to see her stick her face right in it! She has a little bit of a sweet tooth. : )
Do I have something on my face?
I also HAD to include a video of us singing Happy Birthday. She was not impressed with the song at all, but if you watch, she does smile (briefly) when we say her name.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

A very happy 2nd birthday to a very beautiful girl :) All our love from Australia, Coops and Peps xooxxo your little pressie is on it's way.

Shay said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Great pictures!!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Sweet pictures!

Kerrie said...

Oh I love the pictures!! I'm so glad Emily had a good day, and sorry Aidan was such bad company. But, like you said, being two is exhausting (for the parents too)!

Amy said...

Looks like a fun day! I loved the smile when you sang Emily's cute!

We did go to the zoo on Saturday--and while we were there were talking about what an appropriate way to celebrate Emily's birthday!

Mom said...

I did see the video today and am so happy. Love Mom

Jenkins said...

Love the pink "lipstick" and her smile for her name!