Saturday, October 10, 2009

God's really does know best

Two years ago today, at 7:58 pm, our lives were forever changed.

After 21 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, Emily finally made her entrance into this world.

A week prior to her birth, we had an ultrasound and were told that she would weigh 7 lbs.

She weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces.

In that same ultrasound, we could see her long hair moving in the amniotic fluid.

At birth, she had dark spiky hair (and adorable chubby cheeks).

The first few weeks of her life were a roller coaster. Filled with doctors, nurses, therapists, lots of tests and even more questions.

After wanting a baby for years and years, parenthood didn't start out exactly the way that I had planned, but God had another plan for us.

All of the stress and confusion taught us more about our faith than we had ever known before.

After 2 years, I can honestly say that we have had some tough times, some really dark times, but there have been far more good times.

This little girl that showed us her strength and determination very early on, has brought us more joy than we could ever put into words.

We wouldn't change a thing!

We thank God for Emily every day. He knit her together in my womb. He brought her into our lives at exactly the right time. He is in control of all things. His plans are always best. He never makes mistakes. He never fails. He is always faithful.

Happy Birthday, Emily. We love you more than you can ever know. We count it a joy and a privilege to be called your parents. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow and learn. We could not have asked for a sweeter gift from God.


The Goulds said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post. The love just oozed out of it. What an awesome reflection on the last few years.

Your love, faith, and commitment is such a testimony. Emily is very blessed to have the two of you. God has taught me so many things through reading this blog and knowing the three of you. I couldn't begin to say just how much. You guys are amazing and God is shining through you. Don't ever underestimate the power of your faithfulness. Thanks for that. Thanks for being faithful and then sharing this faith, and this beautiful little blessing, to those who read your blog. Happy Birthday little Em! Enjoy your cupcake! I look forward to seeing pics of you enjoying your special day! We love you!


Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful little girl. I have started following your blog as we have been caring for a little one with special needs and I was searching for others who are living lives similar to ours. I too believe that God knows what he is doing. I feel that we are blessed to be called to help care for a child who needs extra help. I have learned more from our little one than what I feel I have given to her.


Kerrie said...

Emily is such a blessing! She melts my heart everytime I see her. Thank you for letting us spend some of her special day with her!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! You are a breath of fresh air and I love your smiles/cheeks. You are so adorable. God Bless you on your special day!!

Love, Nicole & Samantha from Rosemead, CA

Barbara said...

Hi Dawn, Mike and little Emily,
Happy 2nd birthday! You are such a sweetie. I have followed this blog daily since the very beginning.
I am amazed and fascinated by the challenges you all have been through.
With the Lords help and you both as parents,Emily is developing new skills so well. Your little angel is so loved by all. I always wish you only the very best. It is my pleasure knowing you.
Thinking of you always,
Barbara Patterson (Mike Benn's Mom)

Michelle said...

Happy 2nd birthday to Emily! what a beautiful post for a beautiful girl!

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! I'm sure you had some special time with loved ones received loads of kisses on your big day - just as it should be :-)