Friday, October 02, 2009

Flashback Friday: Some Firsts and Some Favorites

I know I have been slacking on the posts this week, but I figured I shouldn't neglect the Flashback Friday post (as an obnoxious parent who gushes on and on about her daughter, I have a certain reputation to uphold!). I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pics of Emily's first year along with a few firsts along the way.

Emily's first Easter. I loved this dress. Emily received this dress from some lovely (and very stylish) ladies in our church. Funny thing is, Mike's sister also gave her this same exact dress. Great minds think alike!

This is Emily's first Yankees outfit. Mike actually made it (or put the words on it at least) at a job he was working when Emily was first born.

This picture makes me laugh EVERY time I look at it.

This is the first real smile we were able to catch on film. Emily was about 5 months old and had just stopped taking Phenobarbitol. We had just come back from a photo shoot with an amazing photographer and Emily would not smile for her no matter what we tried. I decided to try some shots just for fun and this is what I captured. Love it!

First attempt at the pony tail. The look is a little Pebbles Flinstone, but I think she can pull it off!

I love this one! Who can resist that adorable face!

Great view of the hair and eyelashes.

I just love this picture. It really shows off the chubby cheeks. This was not long after her first hair cut, can't you tell?

First pair of shades. She is cool!

A sweet, sweet smile.

Come back next week for even more obnoxious posts as we approach Emily's second birthday. After her birthday I will resume my old method of posting (with a moderate level of gushing).


Big brother, Little sister. said...

beautiful, beautiful pics !!! thanks so much for sharing and gush all you like :) Bron

Mommy2MollyandWill said...

I love them all but my favorite is the bath towel. Thanks for sharing all of these....I can't believe how much she has grown.

Kerrie said...

Gush all you want!! She's beautiful and always puts a smile on my face :) Can't wait to hug on her!!

Anonymous said...

By all means, keep up the gushing, gushing is good-we reap the benefits of seeing more of little Em and we simply can't get enough-keep gushing....


Mindy said...

So hard to believe that beautiful baby girl is now an even more adorable toddler! Thanks for sharing the memories with us - special memories of a very special girl! :o)



Melanie said...

every single picture is just too cute. Love those little cheeks!!

Hey come on over to our blog, you have an award to pick up!

Jenkins said...

She is so crazy cute! Really, really cute! And seems to be oozing with personality!

Cathy said...

I love her beautiful hair and eyes. She almost looks like a handmade doll.

Neighbor Kristy :) said...

Greg loves the Yankee outfit guys! ;) Hope all is going well. Would like to have you guys out when we get settled more.