Monday, September 21, 2009

Odds and Ends

Emily's 4th molar has broken through the skin. She certainly doesn't mess around when it comes to teeth. Months and months with nothing and then she starts working on 4 molars at once! Now you can see the outside edges of all 4 of them, but the inside edges are still working their way through the skin. It also looks like she is working on her top canines. Don't quote me on that because I have been wrong before, but she has white spots where the points would be and it feels like teeth are right there below the surface. Time will tell.

Needless to say, cutting 4 molars can make a girl a bit cranky (and her parents too). Of course Emily likes to save all of her attitude for Mom and Dad. When we tell others she is having a bad day, she is sweet as pie. I think she likes to make us look like liars. She has started a new routine in the morning. Mike gets her up, gets her changed and puts her in her chair with her orthotics and her turtle shell (TLSO) and she watches a DVD before she eats breakfast. She has decided to spend this time whining. We have given her different toys to play with, tried different DVD's, tried Anbesol on her teeth (she will be 25 before the "she could be teething" excuse is put away), we have even tried ignoring the whining completely. Some of these things would work for a little while, but then the whining inevitably starts again. I started to wonder if this is just the terrible two's rearing it's ugly head. Who knows? The funny thing is, she will only do it in the morning. She will be perfectly happy for the rest of the day. Well, this morning, she was fine. She watched Veggie Tales and we didn't hear a peep out of her. Maybe she is just a moody girl (I can say that, but Mike shouldn't even suggest it!).

Fall starts tomorrow, or so I have heard. We are still having warm humid weather (have I ever mentioned how much I dislike humid weather?). I am SO ready for fall. A few weeks ago we had some cool days and I panicked a little because Emily didn't have any clothes for that type of weather. So I went shopping and, truth be told, I might have gone a little crazy. There are so many cute things for her! I love the little baby doll shirts that are out now. Mainly because she is so tall that regular shirts only cover about half of her belly. That is not acceptable! So anyway, I bought her quite a few cute clothes for fall (in size 3T!!!). The clothes were easy; the problem arose when I started to look for shoes. The problem is, she has very chubby feet that are not very flexible. It is almost impossible to get her foot into a sneaker or boot of any kind. So we have to go with Mary Jane type shoes. I have taken Emily to more stores than I care to count trying on shoes with no luck.

Mike was talking to one of Emily's therapists about this last week and her response was "She should not be buying shoes, Emily should be wearing her orthotics. This is your lot in life, get used to it.". Honestly, that statement made me mad! The nerve! This therapist hasn't exactly had a sunny disposition with us anyway. The more I thought about that statement, the more I realized that my reason for buying shoes was really just vanity. I wanted Emily to have cute shoes to go with her outfits. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but really it was my attempt to make Emily look "normal". Well the more shoes we tried on, the more I realized that things are not "normal" for us. Orthotics really are our lot in life, whether we like it or not. That doesn't mean I won't try to put cute shoes on Emily when she is dressed up, but for the day to day - orthotics it is. Ah, reality check so nice to see you, it's been a little while.

I believe I have mentioned Mike's book business on the blog. Well things were going pretty well with him selling books on amazon so he decided to branch out a little. About 2 weekends ago, he had the opportunity to purchase 30,000 books. He rented a 28 foot truck and picked up most of the books (with help from some of our church family). He ended up leaving quite a few books behind, but plans to go back next weekend to get them. He rented 2 booths in a Peddlers Mall (kind of an indoor flea market) and started to set up the bookshelves. He sold 3 books the first weekend, but then everything came to a screeching halt! Apparently, the Peddlers Mall did not get the right permits for that section of the building. So that whole area has been closed for a week now. He is very frustrated to say the least! He has spent lots of time in storage sorting through books and getting them ready for sale. He has been told that his section may be open tomorrow, but he has been told that several times. So, once again, time will tell...

I know many of you have been wondering about Aidan. I really do appreciate your care and concern for him and his family. Rather than repeating things, I would just refer you to his family's blog. You can check out some great pictures of him there too. He will be 2 on Saturday and it looks like they will be going home before his birthday. Woo hoo! This has been a very long road for the family and I know they are anxious to be home and get back to a normal routine - even if it is a new normal routine.


Jenkins said...

Teething is impossible. Those molars will make anyone whine.

As for shoes...she is a girl. A girl must have shoes. Orthodics or not (same conversation in my house but with my boy!).
Shoes are hard to find especially when the feet are not flexible to shove a shoe on! We stick with Stride Rite double wide sizes or robeez tredz, they are really wide.

Kerrie said...

I think I know exactly what therapist you are talking about!! Don't mind her attitude, I think she's been doing therapy so long that she's forgotten that there are real lives and families behind each child's story.

I'm so happy that the teeth have finally broken through!! I hope we can get back to a semi normal life soon and maybe get together :) If all goes well we were going to try and have everyone over for cake the first weekend in October!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Dawn, the shopping spree sounds wonderful! and keep buying as many Mary Janes as you want! After all a girl cannot have too many shoes :) Hope Emily settled with all those molars coming through too. Bron

Becca said...

I wear shoes over my orthotics all the time. They're not functional as I don't walk but that really doesn't matter. Can't see why Emily shouldn't do the same. The orthotics will need the toe-plate trimming if it's significantly longer than her toes but that's no big deal.

Helps keep me toes warm!

Favourites are a pair of just-below-the-knee boots that have a zip up the inside, they totally cover my AFOs, brilliant in the winter.

Right, back to lurkerdom for me.

/friendly disabled grownup with a few issues similar to Emily's, over'n'out.

Amy said...

Thanks for the update! I laughed when I read about Emily's teeth! I have been wrong before, too, totally expecting teeth that take too long to come in! I'm with you our girls might be moody sometimes--but that is always best for a mom to say instead of a dad! :)

The outfits sound cute...and 3T?! Wow! Way to grow Emily!

Praying about the book business!

Thanks for the update!!!