Friday, September 11, 2009

In the hands of the Great Physician

Please pray for Aidan, Kip and Kerrie today. Aidan will be going into surgery at 8:30 this morning.

Please pray for the surgeons - that they will have wisdom in their work and steady hands.

Please pray for Aidan - that the surgery will go well and his recovery will go smoothly, with no complications.

Please pray for Kerrie and Kip - that they would have peace during the surgery and afterwards as the healing process begins.

Aidan's 2nd birthday is 2 weeks away - pray that he will be able to go home by then. What a blessing that would be for this family!

Will you do me a favor? If you have been praying or will be praying for this family today, will you click on over to their blog and leave a comment to let them know? I bet that would be a real encouragement to them today!

UPDATED TO ADD: I was just informed that their blog does not allow Anonymous comments (since I have a blogger account, it didn't even occur to me to check). So, if you would like to leave a comment for them, but do not have a blogger account, please leave the comment here on this post and I will forward it to the family. : )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

May you be enveloped by God's peace during this difficult time. We are praying for you and with you and look forward to hearing Aidan's progress in the days to come.

In prayer,
The Colletts