Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeling brave and maybe a little delusional

From time to time, I have delusions about skills that I think I have (or would really like to have). I am not crafty, creative or handy around the house, but once in a while I think "why not try_______?". Remember the cakes I thought would be so easy to make?

Emily's speech therapist gave us a food grinder a while ago:
She thought that we could use this to give Emily some "real" food (rather than baby food). We found a very nice spot for it in our closet and it stayed in that spot for months. One night we had pork chops for dinner (or whatever you call the ones without a bone in them - like a chicken cutlet but pork - did I mention that cooking isn't a strong suit of mine either?). We had one left over along with some sweet potatoes. Emily likes sweet potatoes, so I thought "Why not get out that food grinder and make some food for Emily?". The alternative was to throw the food away (we don't really do leftovers in our house).

This is what the pork looked like when I worked and worked and worked on it for a while with the grinder:
It reminds me of that Playdoh toy. You know the one, where the hair grows up out of the head and looks just like the pork does above. Playdoh doesn't sound very appetizing to me, but this was for Emily. She doesn't even know what PlayDoh is! Anyway, it took me about 45 minutes to grind up most of the pork chop/cutlet thingy.

Well, mix in some sweet potatoes and this is what you get:It doesn't look much different than Emily's baby food mixed with oatmeal. We managed to get 2 or 3 meals out of this. Emily liked it. That might lead you to believe that it was worth all the effort to grind up food for 45 minutes until you can no longer feel your arm. Well, the grinder is back in that very nice spot in the closet. Doesn't mean I won't get it out again at some point, but not for a little while.

On to my next delusion: sewing. I have owned a sewing machine for years. I have used it for just a few things. I have hemmed pants, made a dog bed cover and really that is all that comes to mind.

Ever since Emily came home from the hospital, she has slept in a Sleep Sack. It is a wearable blanket that "they" tell all first time parents to get (after they get you all freaked out about SIDS and multiple other things that all new parents should worry about). I bought one for her and we have loved it! So as she has grown, we have bought the next size and the next. The problem is, she grows like a weed. The one she has now is XL and she barely fits in it anymore. This is her current Sleep Sack:It is basically a big triangle with a zipper. So I thought "How hard can it be to make one of those?". hahaha

Well I went to the fabric store and bought some sassy fabric and zippers to make 2 Sleep Sacks. When I started working with the fabric I realized it was too thin. So I went back to the fabric store and bought some white fabric. Using two layers of fabric made things a little more tricky. Trying to do this with a bit of time here and a bit of time there made the project drag on for weeks. Plus there was the other problem: I don't have a clue what I am doing!

Well after a LOT of trial and error, this is what I made: As you can see, it is quite a bit longer than the orginal: As a matter of fact, the new one is almost long enough to fit me. Let's just say I wanted to leave a little room for growth.

Now I just have to get started on the second one. I should have it done by Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You are so hilarious! You definitely brighten my day.

By the way, I'm not so good at sewing either.

Awaiting picture of Little Em in her new sleep suit......


Keri said...

OMGoodness, that is so me! Wanting to be creative, inventive, and all that stuff, but I so don't have it in me. Gotta say, I've tried, but I don't get very far with any project. My blog is a dead give away.

That grinder sounds like way too much work. You should seriously consider a little Cuisinart thingmabobber. Those food processors tear it up in a matter of seconds. Beats grinding for 45 minutes.

Fun post! I so needed to smile! Thank you.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Dawn!!!! wow!!! wow!!! that sleep suit is great! well done!!! hope you get the sewing bug too!

The food looks great for Emily too :;) love your honesty about certain contraptions and a good spot for them! lol


Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB DAWN!!!! Don't sell yourself short you did an amazing job... be proud.... Dawn is Mommy, hear her roar!!!
Carrie Williams

Jenny and Steve Douglas said...

That story cracks me up! I too have intentions to learn how to sew someday - since it's in my genes. My grandma can LOOK at a wedding dress and make it. I have yet to learn how to hem pants. :) We have a food processor that you can borrow for the next 6 months or so if you want (until I start making baby food too). It would at least let you experiment and see what works. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, as you are in ours. Talk to you soon!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your sewing skills! A zipper?! Hate those things. And lined?! Wow! I agree that a small food processor would be easier than that grinder. Maybe as a Christmas present? :)

Amy said...

Way to go Dawn! I am impressed...with my sewing skills, I mean lack of, I don't even think I would attempt what you completed!

Katy said...

I tried to put Charlie is a sleep sack and he would have none of it! He likes blankets which is exactly what they tell you not to put your kid in.

You know, you can just throw any kind of boneless food in a blender and then add as much liquid as you need to make it easy to swallow. I mean, if you have a blender. We had a food mill, but I just thought it was a pain to clean--great for introducing new tastes, though.

datri said...

ROFL, yeah, I completely get this!

Jenkins said...

I am impressed.
We loved the sleepsack.
I have to admit I paid someone to make us some bigger ones.