Wednesday, August 05, 2009


5 Minutes for Special Needs
Mike's family came to visit us last week. For some reason, we did not take a lot of pictures, but I wanted to share a couple of Emily with her grandparents.

Here she is hanging out with Poppy:

Here are a few shots of Emily and Grandma at aqua therapy:

We had a nice visit with family and I know Emily enjoyed all the extra love and attention.


shopannies said...

from the side of all three
I have been the child attached to my grandparents
I have been a parent and watching my children attach to my parents
I am a grandmother who loves my grandchild very much

Suzie and Lily said...

Bond between child and grandparent is wonderful!

MaggieMae said...

Wow, she's growing up to be such a beautiful and big girl! I think I would love aqua-therapy... It looks refreshing. What a great excuse to get in the pool... which I always find so relaxing and good for the spirit.

Beverly said...

great photos, looks like a great time with family

Cathy said...

I just saw your sweet comments on Annabel's blog. I wanted to know more aobut your family so I will read a little bit later after Annabel is in bed. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you visiting our blog. You have such a beautiful little girl.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love the pictures!! Does this mean she enjoys aqua therapy now? :)

kirsty815 said...

What an absolute cutie!!! She sure adores her Grandma and Poppy! She looks like she's enjoying the water too. What a special little lady she is!

Kristin said...

It looks like she is a very well loved girl. So blessed and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice visit. Hopefully a bit of a break for you and Mike to get away. When I think of aqua therapy I just can't help but praise the Lord that things are going smoother now. She looks so looooong in the water. Growing so much. Loving her double chin.

Missing you all,

Mindy said...

The picture with Poppy is precious - looks as though she's thinking "ok - get on with the picture so Poppy and I can talk!" I'm so glad she's starting to enjoy the aquatherapy.


The Burts

SoCo mom said...

Those are wonderful pictures with the grandparents! And I love the aquatherapy ones. We are very fond of water therapy too.

It looks like everyone enjoyed the visit -- their smiles made me smile too.

CristyLynn said...

How wonderful that they were able to participate in some of her therapy and every day activities! What wonderful grandparents.