Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful weather and a few firsts

Yesterday, Mike went to a Clay Pigeon Shoot with some men from our church. They spent the afternoon talking, eating and shooting. He had a good time. You may remember he blogged about his experience last year in this post.

The weather was beautiful, so Emily and I went to the zoo (shocking, I know!). It was about 80 with no humidity and a nice breeze. I was sure that the zoo would be packed, but that wasn't the case. Seems that most people were at the Kentucky State Fair this weekend. That made getting in and out of the buildings so much easier! We were able to take our time and really enjoy the exhibits. Emily even took an interest in some of the animals this time around. It is hard for her to see most of them from her stroller. And picking her up isn't really a good option because she doesn't hold her head up very well. With smaller crowds I could wheel her stroller right up to some exhibits and watch as she took them in. She was fascinated by the penguins, some really cool fish, the fruit bats and the giraffe.

While we were at the giraffe exhibit, we could hear a lioness roaring. It was really cool! Normally the cats are asleep, but yesterday all of the cats were out and a little more active than usual. Of course, I enjoyed taking my time watching the elephants. I may have mentioned once or twice (or 40 times) that I love elephants. Well the keepers were hosing them down while they played in their swimming pool. It was fun to watch Scotty, the 2 year old baby, dive into the water and play with the adult elephants. Here he is climbing on the back of one of the adults, trying to get the keeper to squirt him with the hose:

Since the crowds were smaller than usual, I thought it would be fun to try a few new things. I took Emily to the playground. I thought we might give the "baby swings" a try. She doesn't have good head control, but I wasn't sure how high up the swing would come on her back. Well, she didn't quite get the concept of putting her legs through the holes, so instead she sat with her knees to her chest. Plus she is so tall that the swing didn't come up very high at all. So she spent about 30 seconds in the swing and I took her out. We had to give a shot! After that, I held onto her and slid her down one of the small slides. She wasn't terribly impressed.

Before leaving the zoo, I decided to take Emily on the Carousel. Another first for her! We didn't sit on one of the animals, but on one of the little bench seats. This one was decorated like a sleigh that was being pulled by a turtle. Once we started moving, she was looking all around at the lights and all the colorful animals. I think she really enjoyed it. Definitely something we will have to do again when we go to the zoo. All in all, we had a great day enjoying some mama-daughter time.

I mentioned in a recent post that Emily was getting a molar. Well, it seems that she is working on 4 at once. Her poor gums are bright red and swollen. On the bottom left, you can see about 3/4 of the top of that molar. The top left is still just puffy and red. The top right is just starting to come through - you can see the white edge along the gums. And the bottom right is huge and puffy. For the molars, she gets these clumps of skin on her gums that sort of look like blisters. The skin eventually falls off when the tooth breaks through. This has caused bleeding on a number of occasions. Not fun! This picture sums up Emily's thought about getting molars (Mike and I agree wholeheartedly):

In other news, Mike's book business is going really well. This past week was his best week yet. His biggest struggle is finding places to buy the books, but he does love the hunt for bargains. My work is super slow right now. That can be frustrating, especially when working from home - I could think of a ton of other things to keep me busy! I am thankful to have a job, but I do not like to be bored.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

The idea of Mike shooting still amuses me greatly! :)

Your trip to the zoo sounds like a lot of fun!! I've seen some swings designed for kids like Emily at parks around here. They are large, almost like a chair with straps to help keep them in. Maybe a park around you has something similar.

My sympathies on the molars. I think Sam is working on the same thing and not at all happy about it. Poor Emily & Sam!!!

Jenkins said...

Great adventure to the zoo and good for giving the swing a try (I chicken out with that) and sounds like the carousel might be a frequent stop for her from now on.

Oh and those molars are terrible, poor things. Praying that they come through quickly!

And thank you for your kind words and prayers, it is very much appreciated.

Jenny and Steve Douglas said...

Thanks for keeping your blog updated. I always enjoying catching up on what is happening with you guys. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. Hopefully, Emily's teeth will move up quickly!


Kristina said...

Hi! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with Emily - except for the teeth. Teeth on Emma are responsible for the last year of terrible sleep in our house, so I feel for you.

For the zoo, we have done a large zoo (Philadelphia) and a smaller local zoo as well as aquariums. Emma's favorites are the giraffe and penguins, so maybe it appeals to this age group! If find the stroller to be horrible at the zoo - all the fences are smack dab where Emma's eyes are!!!!!! I have gone the route of carrying her in a baby carrier. It's heavy so I cut the visit shorter but we both enjoy it better and she can participate more. Plus, it works on stretching her legs. For the penguins, we always try to catch them at feeding time and she has a blast.

We also do a lot of rides with Emma. Probably more than the ride people would think she is capable of. She is a bit of a daredevil and loves the vestibular input. If you look at my blog on my summer vacation post you'll see Emma on quite a few rides. She also loves the carousel. Last year we sat in the seats with her but this year I hold her on the horse. It makes her work her trunk and head much more than anything else I can think of - huge motivation for her to see everything going around her!

As for the slides, I've found that Emma loves to slide by herself and isn't too thrilled when I slide with her. I stand on the side of the slide, put her on her back, hold her hands and pull her down. She laughs out loud and it makes my heart sing. Perhaps Emily might get a bit more enjoyment out of a solo slide ride?

Sorry to go on an on here, but it's amazing how similar Emily and Emma are so I thought I'd share our experience a bit with you.