Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little random cuteness

It's been a little busy here, so I haven't taken many pictures lately. I thought I would share a few random pics, anyway.

Green Tea is good for you, ya know?

Mike put the bottle in her hand to see if she would hold it. She did hang onto it for quite a while.

PS - Mike said she did very well at aqua therapy today. She only whined a couple of times, but did not cry at all. We are SO thankful!


All Rileyed Up said...

Such a pretty face! And green tea *is* good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

So precious! Sooooo glad to hear the aqua therapy went better!! When I read about Little Em's first visit there I cried too, for two days! It will be so good in the long run but so hard to see her uncomfortable as she adjusts.

...oh ya, by the way, I think you guys are great, godly parents and, should the Lord ever give us children, I would be proud to have the love, nurture and commitment you all have shown with Little Em. Give hugs and kisses for me.

Missing you,

Melissa said...

She's just so precious!! BEAUTIFUL:)

CristyLynn said...

What a precious daughter you have. How fun to see every little bit of development!
Thank you for the testimony you have simply by the verses on your sidebar.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

So glad to hear the pool went better today!!! We'll keep praying and looking forward to the pics of her having fun in the pool! :)

Miranda said...

Glad the aqua therapy is going better. My little girl has that same shirt and loves it.

Maggie Mae said...

She's a beautiful little girl! Keep up the great work and wishing you on-going success with the aqua therapy.

FYI - My mom's hubby has CP. He's 68 years old. "They" told his parents to put him in an institution. That he'd never amount to anything. 68 years later, he's supported my mom for 25years before retiring, he has a masters in journalism and he's about to publish his first book (a Christian mystery). Like with my own little boys: BELIEVE... and there are no limits!

Run DMT said...

How precious!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy WW!

Stephanie said...

What a beauty! We LOVE water therapy, too.