Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hitting the road

I am actually writing this on Friday night, but scheduling this post to publish on Saturday morning (there will be a couple more this week so you won't go through withdrawal)...

Today, we are leaving for Florida. Mike will be working at a youth camp. A friend of ours is a youth pastor and asked Mike to do the cooking for his camp this week. Mike LOVES this kind of stuff, so he jumped at the chance. Emily and I are going to hang out and enjoy ourselves. We are looking forward to a fun week. Emily will get to see the ocean for the first time (Well actually she saw the ocean in RI but that was in November so I am not sure you can count that).

Since you probably won't hear much from us this week, I thought I would share this video. It is super short, but I thought you might enjoy hearing a little giggle!


Kerrie said...

She's getting so tall!! Have a great time at the beach!! :)

Michelle said...

Adorable giggle!

Anonymous said...

I most definitely enjoyed hearing that giggle-over and over! And seeing her stretched over that big ball makes you really see how long she is getting.

...and Florida, oh my goodness...doesn't time fly by? I recall you mentioning this months ago! I hope the three of you have a wonderful, refreshing time and I hope you have lots of pics to share when you return. We'll be praying for you and the camp happenings.

Now I think I'll go listen to that giggle again.