Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We kinda acted like animals

We had a pretty mellow weekend. We went to the zoo with some friends on Saturday. It was about 75, so the weather was perfect.

Emily was ready to catch up with her friend Aidan and see some animals.
We went to the zoo a lot last year (zoo membership, anyone?) and Emily didn't really notice the animals very much. One time there was an orangutan right in front of her (behind glass, of course) and she stared at the trees behind him. The only animal she noticed last year was a giraffe that stuck his head over the fence - her eyes got really wide. This time around she did seem to notice a few more things. I am guessing it is pretty hard to see anything from the stroller, but still I thought she seemed a bit more interested.

And if you want to know what we did on Sunday for Mother's Day (besides go to church and call our moms, of course). Here are a few pictures to give you an idea:

Well, you get the idea. We had a very relaxing afternoon, which was just fine by me.
And just in case those of you in RI need proof that Mike and I are still alive and well, here you go:

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Kerrie said...

She is so beautiful!! I'm so happy to have met you all and be able to spend time with your precious baby girl!! Aidan had a great time this weekend, everytime I said Emily this weekend he smiled :)