Monday, March 09, 2009

Sickness, parties and stuff

After being sick for a week, it was only getting worse, so I decided to go to the immediate care center on Friday. I found out that I had bronchitis and sinusitis. That would explain why my entire head felt like it was in a vice grip. I got some antibiotics and now feel SO much better. I am still not 100%, but I no longer feel like my head is going to explode so I consider that progress! Mike seems to have gotten some of my germs – between the two of us, we are keeping Kleenex in business! So far, Emily is doing well. She has some congestion, but that is not unusual for her.

On Saturday, we went to a birthday party. This was the first invitation Emily has received for a birthday party. One of the little boys she sees in the church nursery each week turned 1. He really enjoyed his cake and ice cream – so adorable! This little guy is actually quite the charmer. He keeps trying to kiss Emily. He has actually been successful a couple of times - he has climbed up on her chair and planted some slobbery kisses on her. Every time we drop her off, we warn the workers to keep an eye on him. I know Emily is cute, but she is WAY too young to be fighting off boys!

On Sunday night after church, I surprised Mike with a birthday party. The pastor made an announcement about a dessert fellowship after service. Mike had no idea it was a party for him. I have been sneaking around all week getting things ready and he never figured it out. I was so glad that I was able to surprise him. We enjoyed some cake and ice cream with our church family. It was really fun. Emily did pretty well with all the chaos too – she can get freaked out by loud noises, but she just took it all in stride.

On a different note, we are working on a few things for Emily. We are trying to get her set up with more therapy because we don’t think she is receiving enough through First Steps. Right now, she is on the waiting list at a couple of local places. We are hopeful that we can get her in to one of them soon. We are trying to look into aqua therapy for her too. We are just doing some research right now, but we really think she would benefit from it.

We are also trying to get connected with some families of kids with special needs. So far this has not been an easy task, but we know that we need to have community around us. We have a great church family that has been a great support to us, but we want to get to know some families that can relate to our day to day struggles and triumphs. We are also still working on getting some respite care for Emily. This has been a very frustrating process, but there have been some changes at the company that we are supposed to use and we are hoping that will mean we can get some help soon. We know that God knows our needs and He will provide in His timing. He is Jehovah-jireh: the Great Provider. He has proven that many many times and we have no doubt He will do it again.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Have you seen the 5 Minutes for Special Needs community? My friend, Alicia is very active there. I'm sure there are mom's of CP kids in that community. Maybe they could direct you to a local organization as well as therapy ideas and info.

Happy Birthday, Mike!! Yeah for the surprise!!! :) And I hope you are enjoying your "Accessory Kit." :) :)