Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life and things...

We know that you will never refuse seeing more pictures of our little angel, so I picked a few that told a story. Emily has been eating solid food for quite a while, but it is always a challenge. It will take a good half an hour to get her to eat 2 ounces of food mixed with a quarter cup of oatmeal for thickness. Some food tends to stick to the mouth more than other food. For some reason the sticky food is always orange!

You can see the smile in her face as she sits there waiting for me to wash her face. She knows what is coming...the dreaded face cloth!

She is cute, though!

Emily loves music, so I bought her a keyboard. She has changed completely since she got it. She is much more vocal and has been doing things that we have not seen in a while. In the picture, you can see her hands are open on the keyboard. This is a huge deal because she always has her hands in a fist. If there was one toy that has made a difference in her life so far, this is it.

Now on to me! Yes, I turn 40 tomorrow. I know, I am old. My friend Joel already gave me an accessory kit for a walker that HE is going to buy me:) It came with tennis balls and a horn. Pretty funny, but there will be six years when he turns 40!:(

Last Sunday night we had a share service for those of us who went to Thailand. Some of the people who went shared some of their experiences with the people we worked with and the natives of Thailand. There were some funny stories and some sad stories. Prostitution is big in Thailand and the girls start at a very young age. This pulled on the heart strings of mothers who had children who were in that age bracket (10-12 years old).

There is such a need for the gospel in this area that we were happy to go and do our part, however small it might have been.
(The pic above is Dawn in an outfit that I bought for her in Thailand)

After the service, the pastor announced that we will be having a dessert fellowship in the room next door. I didn't think anything of it and continued talking to some people. A friend told me that Dawn needed help with Emily and I ran, knowing it had to be something serious for her to need me. When I got there, she had cake and ice cream for me...along with 50 people ready to sing Happy Birthday. I was beyond surprised!

This morning we had a Men's Breakfast at our church. I had the pleasure of cooking along side of Ty and a few other men. He told me when the biscuits were done. There were about 25 men there and a good time was had by all.

Shirley Huff spoke first and gave us the story of how the first Model T was built. I am only kidding! He worked at the Ford plant for the majority of his life, which started a long, long time ago. Even before I was born.

Gary followed Shirley and they both did a great job. It is great to see how God works in the lives of different people. It is always good to know that whatever you are struggling with, someone has already been through it.

What you see here is the Sheriff doing dishes! Donnie came into the kitchen and asked if he could do the dishes. Who was I to say no? The best part about doing the dishes is that there is no one there to take your job away. OK maybe that's the worst part about doing dishes.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Great pics and story!

Tech Daddy said...

Here's a pre-birthday Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you have a great day. I may have to save the walker for your 50th :-).

Auntie Lisa said...

Dear Mike,
We would like to wish you the happiest 40th birthday ever. As we already know, you are truly blessed with family that loves you deeply. You, Dawn and Emily are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Mike at 40 life is just about to begin, so brace yourself. These are the best years of your life. I hope you are prepared for it.
We all love and miss you.
Lisa, Steven, Courtney, Lauren & Jacoby

Anonymous said...

Thinkin' of you all. Have a great birthday.

Praying with you,