Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Do you think it could be the miracle grow we've been giving her?

Isn't she adorable? I tried to get her smiling, but she would not have it. So I had to settle for the mostly cute picture instead of the to-die-for cute picture with the smile. *sigh*

Today, Emily saw her nutritionist and that means she was weighed and measured. I swear we are not sneaking her sides of beef or hot fudge sundaes or anything! Here are her current stats:

Weight: 24 pounds 3 ounces (she gained more than a pound this month)
Height: 32 5/8 inches (she grew about 3/4 of an inch and is back into the 90th percentile for height - after a brief drop to 75th last month)

Guess that explains the double chin...

The funny thing is, she is only eating about 70% of what she should be eating for her size, but apparently 70% works for her. She is certainly thriving and we are so thankful. It also means that I have some shopping trips in my future. I have already bought her some things for spring (including an adorable Easter dress) and I am sure you are not shocked to hear that I had to buy 24 months.

Over the past week or so, I have been fighting off some germs. Emily seemed to "catch" some of them over the weekend. Saturday night, she woke up coughing and gagging. She basically worked herself into a frenzy of crying and hysteria. I got her out of bed and we had some quality time with Gloworm (thank you Carrie for that gift - she LOVES Gloworm!). We both went back to bed around 2 and I figured that was that. Oh no, she woke up at 6 and I think she cried until about 9. I tried to give her some breakfast around 9:30 or 10. She normally gets 4 ounces through her g-tube. I only gave her 2. Just after all the formula went down and I was about to take the tube off, she pushed more than half of it back out (that is her version of throwing up). After 3 hours of crying, I guess her stomach wasn't quite right. So I just disconnected the tube and put her to bed. Then I went to bed myself (listening to 3 hours of crying is pretty exhausting). Later that day, she seemed fine but did have a temp of 100.1. We gave her Tylenol throughout the day and into the next and she has been her cheery self ever since.

If it was not my germs, our other theory is that she is getting some teeth (this will be our theory for every bout of crankiness until she actually GETS more teeth). Seriously though, her top gums are pretty red and puffy in the front and we are thinking that means her top teeth are coming in. From the size of the puffiness on the gums, these look to be good-sized teeth so that could be the reason for her hysteria. Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome for the Gloworm!!! I am so happy she likes it!!! And I think that both those pictures are beautiful.. smile or no smile... we love our Elile (as Jake would call her)

Love you guys, Carrie Williams

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Ahh... the joy of teething. Sam's bottom front 2 have just broken through the gums - at 4 months!! Yes, sir! No need to wait for that boy, he's got steak to eat! ;)

I can totally believe you bought 24 month clothes! Will you believe Ellie is still wearing some 18 month knit pants. They look like capris on her but fit fine in the waist. Capris are in, right?