Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wild Game Dinner

Last night we had our annual Wild Game Dinner at Bullitt Lick Baptist Church. I had the honor of putting it together...with A LOT of help from my friends! We had more than a dozen different churches represented and over 100 men joined in the festivities. By the time I got my camera out, we had already eaten and it was time for the, not too many pictures of the food. But...

Here is some venison barbecue and chili to tempt your pallet.

Dr. Jim Orrick, a professor at a local Bible college was our speaker. I gave the camera to a teen (Robbie) who proceeded to take a picture every minute throughout the entire sermon, explaining this look.

Dr. Orrick started off the talk about "The Lessons He Learned in the Deer Stand," with a story about how he made his own bows that he used in hunting. You can see several of them in the background.

He had many funny stories throughout his lessons. A woman made this hat for him and it was too big. He wore it anyway and it kept him pretty warm. When he pulled his bow back, his hat covered his eyes. He had to remove the hat quickly before making the shot that killed the buck.

This is a mink that he found and carried for many miles. Once he got it home, he made it into a case for his arrows. Very funny story that you had to be there for.

Someone was very excited about their quail! I had one and they are very difficult to eat, although it tasted very was cooked with lots of bacon!
Hilbert was in charge of raffling off the door prizes.
Of course, the pastor had to win WASN'T fixed though! I'm sure his turkey caller will come in handy!

Our big prize for the night was a tree stand. What is a tree stand, you might ask. It is not something used at Christmas time to hold up the Christmas tree, but rather it is a seat that you mount in a tree (10-30 feet up) where you can sit and wait for a deer...alone. Not my idea of fun, but neither is killing animals. I was a little out of my element, but I am learning.

The room was so filled with camouflage that you could only see about one third of the people:) I don't know this man, but he was worthy of being in this blog because you don't see too many beards like that!

All who attended had a great time and there was more food than we could eat. Dr. Orrick did a great job relating to the men as well as teaching us about our need for God.

This is a yearly event and I am already looking forward to next year.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Looks like fun!! A few years ago some tornado like winds blew through my parents farm and took out one huge tree - the one my brother had built and awesome platform/tree stand in. He was sad for weeks. :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for providing our entertainment for the night! Who needs cable! Our favorite line was the one about the camouflage. :) We live in "Race City USA". Yesterday Christie called me at work to make sure the van was in good enough shape to take a drive out of town. She wasn't planning on going anywhere, she just needed to get out of town for a little while. Sometimes a girl just needs to spread her wings. :) Her big adventure took her down the interstate about 15 minutes to grab lunch and come right back, but just leaving the city limits made her smile. :) We do like Mooresville, but it just occurred to us the other day that we have not been out of town in a long time. It's nice to be close to a bigger city. On another note, Christie wonders about the origin of your church's name. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I'm not sure what brought this up in my mind the other day, but I remembered that night you and I were with our FAITH group visiting some families in the community and were circled up praying with one family. I won't go into detail here, but I'm sure you remember the distraction that we were killing ourselves not to laugh at. :) Do you remember? Woof, woof! :) I still laugh about it when I think of it. I was laughing in tears the other day when I was retelling the account to Christie!

Wish we lived closer to you guys so we could get together.