Saturday, February 07, 2009

Where is Ty Patty?

Hello all!

I arrived safely last night at 6:25 into Louisville airport! Praise God!!! It was a VERY, VERY long day. The funny thing is that we left our hotel at 12:30 am on Friday, February 6th and arrived into Louisville at 6:25 on Friday, February 6th...but we had been traveling for almost 29 hours! The math doesn't add up, but we crossed the international date line and threw everything off.

I went to bed last night at 11:00 and woke up at 4:00 am unable to get back to sleep. You see, it is really like 4:00 in the afternoon to me. It will take a few days, but I will eventually get back to normal.

I am going to apologize because I know that you all are going to want to know the details of my trip and I would love to tell them, but I will have to do it in person for the safety of those I was ministering to. The Internet is open for all to read and the people I was working with are in constant danger of deportation, persecution, jail and even death. There will be no photos of the people I worked with, except those who came with me. I can't tell you what I did, but I am going to introduce you to a friend that I made along the way. His name is Ty Patty and he had a great time in Thailand. He was adopted from a Minimart in my hotel.

This is Ty saying goodbye to his place of adoption.

For the protection of all involved, security was all around. This gentleman was by my door 12 hours a day and another guy relieved him for the other 12 hour shift. We don't speak the same language, but he loved Ty...can't you tell?

This is the view of the lobby that Ty and I had from our room. It was a beautiful hotel, but it needed some updating. We weren't going to complain because it had everything that we needed, and more.

Ty did a lot of eating (as you will see) and the pizza looked and tasted exactly like Pizza Hut pizza...grease and all.
The people that we were working for brought some of us out for an expensive dinner. It was a real fancy place, but fortunately everyone had a sense of humor and Ty was allowed to come and eat with us. Here he is sharing with me some garlic roasted FROG legs! I figured I would never have the opportunity again to eat frog legs, so why not. They were excellent and, yes, they tasted like chicken.

I don't remember what this dessert was called, but the description sounded pretty good. It lied, it wasn't that good at all. Don't get me wrong, we ate it and appreciated the fact that I didn't have to pay for it, but it didn't live up to the hype. The dinner conversation was great and a good time was had by all who attended.

This is Ty with Chad. He came from Tennessee to help us out and we all fell in love with him. I really loved working with him and was blessed to be able to spend a good deal of time with him. He is a great teacher and a true servant.

Before I left, I was told that my roommate snored and that I should bring some ear plugs. It is a good thing that I did because they got used. The first few nights were filled with restless sleep because of the jet lag, but there was some restless sleep because of all the snoring too. Me and Sarge (my roommate) went back and forth all week about who snored louder, but Ty was the only one who knew the truth and he put the ear plugs in because we were both keeping him awake.

For breakfast, the hotel made American food as well as traditional Thai food. Given the choice, me and Ty chose the American food. Don't get me wrong, I tried the Thai food, mostly for lunch, but rice and green beans for breakfast is not my cup of tea; especially when there were better options.

In case you were wondering, they have Starbucks in Thailand. Ty wanted to go, but I am not a big coffee drinker, so we got the picture and left.

For entertainment, we had a man who was a master balloon artist. He did some incredible pieces. Here, as you can tell, is his rendition of a Thai ninja. He also made a helicopter, and airplane and about a hundred other things. You can check out his website at for more pictures.

While we were in Thailand, Ty had to get his nails manicured. He had an eventful day...

which is why he started it off with a shower.

This is one of the shops across the street from the hotel. Believe it or not, Ty is in the picture. There were some good deals to be had and I bought a suitcase filled with little trinkets to fill our house. I also bought Dawn and Emily some traditional Thai clothes. Maybe we will include those pictures in a later post.

The people of Thailand were wonderful and helpful. Many of them spoke English, which was helpful. This is one of the receptionists at the hotel and she was a little reluctant at first, but she eventually fell in love with Ty. As you can see, she made peace with him...

Our journey home started with a two hour bus trip to the airport. The buses in Thailand are all painted with beautiful artwork. This was an "under the sea" design and Ty was very anxious to get going. I, on the other hand, was not looking forward to the 29 hour ride home. Although I was excited about going home.

Here we are in Bangkok getting ready to leave Thailand. Our plane left at around 6 in the morning, which is why we left the hotel at 12:30 at night.

Buckled up and ready to go!

We had a connection in Japan and we decided to get McDonald's, not because we were hungry, but because we could. A friend and I got 2 cokes, 2 hamburgers, a fry and a McFlurry for the low price of $15. I don't know if it was because of the exchange rate or the fact that Japan is expensive. Thank God for picture menus, though; but she did understand "hamburger."

I could not resist this picture. Ty saw one of his old friends from the stuffed animal factory and had to say hello. We threw in a Japanese lady to boot because she had a great smile, even though she really didn't want to take the picture. The funniest part of this picture is her friend just out of camera range laughing at her and doing all that she could not to be in the picture.

Even the plane food was Thai. I guess, when in Thailand, eat Thai...sounds about right.

This is during the last leg of the flight home. We were leaving Detroit and the entire ground was covered with snow. It was 85 degrees and humid every day in Thailand so we were pretty cold in Detroit.

After a very long day and a half, we arrived safely at the Louisville airport. Ty is happy to be home and promises to leave another blog on another day. Who knows, maybe he will even get his own blog some day.
As for me, I had a wonderful time and as you can tell, I had a LOT of fun. The people that I went with were a great bunch of folks who love to have a good time. We accomplished a lot and were blessed beyond measure. I made a lot of contacts for possible jobs and I even have a phone interview next week with a camp in Georgia.
Continue to pray for Dawn, Emily and I as we all know this is going to be a year of change and God is going to use us in a mighty way. Feel free to leave comments and let us know how frustrated you are that I really didn't tell you anything about my trip. Sorry about that.


Auntie Lisa said...

I absolutely love Ty. He is adorable. He should follow you on all your trips. You do have a sense of humor. Thai food looks gross.
Glad to see you are back home and safe with your little women.
Love Ya,

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Cute idea!! I know the feeling of hunting down a McD's just because you want something familiar! I wonder if you met anyone we know.

Jenny and Steve Douglas said...

Mike, you are a goof, but we love you! We enjoyed the adventures of Ty Patty! We're praying for you guys. We're also glad you guys didn't lose power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics, Mike -- I've been missing Ty all day! I'm sure he's having fun with Miss Emily, though. Thanks for all your help and humor on the trip ... made things a lot easier for all of us (especially me!) :o)

~ Mindy