Monday, February 02, 2009

We have managed to make it this far!

Emily and I are stilling doing well here in KY. We are thankful to have power - we know there are so many who are still waiting for their power to be restored. We had some warmer temps over the weekend, so there was a LOT of melting going on around here. However, it looks like we will be getting another storm tomorrow night and the temps are supposed to be dropping again. Hopefully this next storm will be mild and will not include ice, but we will see.

Emily and I had some company this weekend. My friend Lynn came to hang out with us. We really had a good weekend. Girl time is SO nice! We enjoyed some talking, some chocolate chip cookies, a movie and some more talking. Lynn was a big help. At first, Emily just stared at her like she had no idea who she was, but in no time she was smiling and chatting away at Lynn. The three of us went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. The couple was absolutely adorable - I don't think I have ever seen a couple more excited to get married (isn't that how it should be on your wedding day?)! The wedding was in downtown Louisville and the drive was amazing. The tree-lined streets made it look like a winter wonderland since they were still covered in ice. Unfortunately Mike has our camera - so I didn't get to take any pictures of the gorgeous trees or Emily in her adorable dress.

Today, Emily had an evalutation with an occupational therapist. This will be a new addition to our therapy schedule. She is going to help Emily with play, some communication tools and a few other things. She brought a few students and they all just loved Emily's curls and her chubby little cheeks (who can blame them?). Emily was in her stander when they arrived and she did really well. I think she was showing off for the ladies! They gave me really positive feedback about strengths that they see in Emily and things they would like to work on. It was so great! Mike and I have actually been feeling a little discouraged about Emily's progress (or lack of it) lately. We get so caught up in the day to day stuff, that it is hard to see the changes that Emily has made. So it was nice to have a fresh set of eyes look at her & tell me all the things that she is doing well.

Some of you may be wondering, so I will let you know that I have not heard from Mike (I really didn't expect to hear much from him - they are really busy and have very little access to phones). I am trusting that they are all doing well.

Here are a few more pictures that I sent with Mike. Enjoy!


Aidan's mommy said...

Love the new layout!! Glad to hear you are doing well without Mike and still have power. We were thinking about you all weekend!! We're without Kip (for who knows how long) bc of the storm, so maybe we'll have to arrange a play date??

Anonymous said...

Good to hear how things are continuing to go. I really like the new look and I LOVE the newest pictures.

I so enjoyed being with you and little Em. She leaves such a little emotional hole in you when you can't get that "Em fix". She is such a little ray of sunshine. Thanks for sharing her with me, and your time with me, this past weekend. I wish we could do it more often. I have thanked God so many times over for giving me your friendship, presence, and kindred spirit in my life.

Also glad to hear you found the tights! No more sleepless nights now wondering over them.

Continuing to pray for/with you,