Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ty meets Emily...

I know that all of you are wondering how Ty has been adjusting to life in the US. I would just like to say that he is very happy in his new surroundings. It took him a little while to get over the fact that he needed a bath before meeting Emily, but once I told him he was going to be well protected in a laundry bag, he graciously consented.

Here he is just before the leap of faith into the washing machine. He did a great job and didn't yelp at all. He even came out very clean with a nice soft coat (he went into the dryer too...with a fabric softener sheet).

This was the first meeting of the new "clean" Ty and Emily. She didn't seem too interested in him, but when she realized that I was obsessed with him, she knew she would have to get along with him in order to get any attention from me (I am only kidding, don't get mad at me!).

I took this picture at least six times and each time I took it the camera took two pictures; one without flash and one with flash. In every one with the flash, Emily had her eyes closed. So this one is without the flash! Ty kept his eyes open in all the pictures so I don't see what Emily's problem was.

This is Emily in her stander. She looked so cute I had to take a picture. Ty insisted on being in the shot and butterfly (the yellow toy) was trying to get his way in there also.

Emily eventually took to Ty. She is actually holding him in her hand. She is probably trying to squeeze the life out of him! They are just so happy together...

This is a picture that is precious to me. Emily was so comfortable and looks so relaxed and Dawn is just as beautiful as ever. I love it!!! Ty is just an added bonus.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a wind storm come through. The past six months have been good for storms here in Kentucky. It started with Ike which knocked out the power to 600,000 people, then the ice storm just before I went to Thailand which knocked out power to around 300,000. This weeks wind storm wasn't as severe, but it took most of our roof off. There were two layers of shingles on the apartment, now there is only one! This is Ty evaluating the damage the next day. Below is a video of the storm and you can see the shingles flying by on a continual was pretty windy. Praise God that everyone is safe and I don't own the house that needs all the repairs!

Did you watch the whole thing? The best part happens near the end when you can see entire shingles flying by.

I had to end on a happy note. This is the cutest picture, if I must say so myself. If you notice there is something/someone missing. I may be a little obsessed, but I still love Emily a whole lot more than Ty! She gets top billing in my book...or in this case, bottom billing.


Anonymous said...

All of those pictures of Emily are beautiful... she is so cute.

Carrie Williams

Anonymous said...

Miss Emily's expressions are priceless! No words are needed - her eyes say it all! :o) Thanks for sharing - seeing Emily always makes my day a bit brighter.

Love you guys,

ajourneyinmommying said...

Hey guys! I love all the new pictures! Ok, the Ty thing made me laugh. :) Dawn, we just had a weekend with Todd out of pocket and I was FLOORED by how much more work it was without DADDY!!! I can't imagine if he was out of the country! Awesome to hear you had that opportunity, Mike! I have friends from Collierville, TN who are m's there. I wonder if you met them. The guy named Chad looked familiar to me, too, for some reason. Emily's pics are adorable! I love her curly hair!!! Her smile is precious!!!!!!

Hey! Please pray for us! We have Ethan's IEP meeting with a team at his school on Friday. He's doing well at school, but there are some key things he's having a hard time with so please pray for us as we figure out what "the plan" will be for the next year...therapies, goals,....all that!

Thanks guys!!

Cassie said...

She's adorable! Great pics!