Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Still going strong

Emily and I are hanging in there. Things are pretty quiet around here & we both miss Mike like crazy, but we are doing fine otherwise. Yesterday's snow storm didn't amount to much around here, so that is good, but it has been COLD the past 2 days. That does not make it easy for the workers who are still trying to restore power and clear downed trees.

Emily met with her nutritionist today. She continues to do well with her growth:

Weight - 23 pounds 1 ounce
Height - 31 3/4 inches

She gained about 6 ounces and didn't grow at all. Maybe her height is tapering off after all (of course, I could be wrong and she could grow an inch in the next month - what do I know?).

This time on my own has been interesting. I definitely have a lot of respect and admiration for single parents. It is hard work! I had to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store the other day. I had to carry the little basket on my arm while I pushed Emily in the stroller with one hand. Then try to carry her and the bags into the house. It was not impossible, but a little trickier than normal. Putting Emily to bed is also a little trickier than normal. Mike usually gets her food ready & sets up the pump and the humidifier, while I dress her and put her in bed. And on bath nights (baths are every other night) - I bathe her and he cleans up afterwards. This week, I have had to bathe her, dress her, get her food/pump ready, set up the humidifier, get her to bed and then come out and clean up the bath stuff and all the food stuff. It makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it!

So I am really looking forward to having Mike back here with us. Not just because he is helpful to have around, but because I enjoy spending time with him, laughing with him (he cracks me up). I am so thankful that he will be home soon. I know Emily will be happy to see him too. She has been really good for me this week, but I am sure she is wondering where her dad is.

Well, she is napping and I have some things to get done, so I better get moving. Here are a few more fun pics to enjoy:

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