Sunday, February 22, 2009

God is good...ALL the time.

I know it has been a while since I've told you anything about what is going on with Dawn and I and it is about time. It has been the same old, same old. Dawn is working 40 hours a week while I am taking care of Emily during the day. Nothing has changed yet...

We have had some opportunities come and go in the last few weeks. We don't mention them at the time because we don't want to lead you all on, like we are led on. For the past week and a half we were very close to making a decision about moving to London. There were many obstacles to overcome, but we were willing to put it in God's hands and let Him work out the details. We were praying that He would give us a clear answer and that we would be willing to go "wherever He leads."

We got a call on Friday morning that the company was not willing to take the risk with Emily's condition and the door was closed. As I said, we prayed for a clear answer and this was it; although we must admit it was a great opportunity and things looked good for a while. We have been questioning what God wants us to do. We are seeking His will for our lives, but we have been waiting for an answer for a year and a half.

I know that we need to be patient and wait for Him to move us, but sometimes it isn't as easy to do as it is to say. I know there are people reading this that are ready to tell me to hang in there, His timing is perfect; and don't get me wrong, I know it is...but it is still hard being on this end knowing that we are where He wants us right now, but we are not completely happy where we are. I don't mean our location, I mean with Dawn working and me at home. Let's be clear...I WANT TO work and Dawn WANTS TO be a stay-at-home mom. So where is God in all this?

He is right here by our side!!! I may seem to be complaining and I have a lot to complain about, but the fact is that Dawn has a job and she makes enough money that I can stay home and take care of Emily. We ARE blessed beyond measure; even though things are not working out the way that WE would like. We appreciate all that God has done for us and we KNOW that He is still working on us to bring us to where He needs us to be before He moves us. He is GOOD, ALL the time!

All that being said, continue to pray for us as we strive to be content where God has us right now. Pray that God would open a door for a job and not close that door. Pray that we would be willing to serve Him in whatever capacity He calls us to (even if we are to stay here the rest of our lives). God is good and His will is perfect, as long as we are in His will, we can't go wrong.

There is a new saying in our church and I believe it drives the point home..."there in never a bad time to worship." Whatever I do, my only concern is to bring God glory. I pray that through reading this email you understand that I am human, I have desires and wants; but my ultimate desire is to serve the Lord, Jesus Christ. Everything else is dung (cow poop) to me.

If you are relatively new to this blog, you may not understand most of what I am saying. You see, we are all sinners and we are all heading to an eternal life apart from God. When we turn our lives over to a living God found in Jesus Christ, we can have new life with Him. It may not be the life we desire, but this life is only temporary. The life that we have to come (eternal life with God in Heaven) is what I am working towards. I don't care what happens here on earth because this is only for a short time. I will be unhappy for 50 more years if that is what God desires for me and I will do it because I know eternity will be worth the suffering.

The apostle Paul spent most of his life in prison, being beaten or dealing with thick headed people, but for the last 2000 years has been rejoicing with God in Heaven. A small price to pay for a huge reward.

I could go on and on, and many of you may have questions about a life with Jesus. Feel free to ask me! You can comment on this blog or email me through the Contact Us link on the side.

May God's hand be upon all who read this post.


Anonymous said...

Well said. What else could I possibly say?

The two of you (or should I say three) are such a shining light. I believe your lives HAVE BEEN/ARE glorifying God. Your faith and trust points others to an amazing, awesome, sovereign God! Thanks for sharing yourselves.

Know that we continue to pray for the three of you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayer at the end of the post - never been given that gift before.