Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day One

Mike left this morning for Thailand with a team of 20 other people. Last I checked the flight had just left the gate at around 11:25 - it was delayed about 10 minutes or so. They only have an hour to catch their connecting flight, so please pray that all goes well with the connection. All together their travel time will be about 24 hours. YIKES! They were all very excited about the trip, but probably NOT very excited about traveling for that length of time. Please pray for safe, uneventful flights and for Mike's back as he travels. Sitting for too long can really wreak havoc for him.

So far Emily and I are doing fine. I am not working so we will have LOTS and LOTS of mama-daughter time. I have been telling her for the past few days that Daddy would be leaving, but he will be back. Not sure she really understands that, but I have no doubt she will think "that is not how Daddy does it" once or twice (or twenty times). She actually still has a bit of congestion that she is fighting - it seems like a neverending battle. She is pretty stuffy sounding today. So we had some fun earlier with saline drops and the nasal aspirator (or booger-sucker as we like to call it). That was a good time. We have a visitor coming tomorrow - my friend Lynn will be coming to hang out with us. I know we will have fun!

Things have been a little crazy here weather-wise. We have had some snow and ice over the past few days. At this point, I think there are about 200,000 people without electricity in this area. Thankfully, we have not lost power at all - praise God for that! The temps are below freezing and will be for a bit, so there doesn't seem to be much relief in sight. I have actually been WISHING for a snowstorm, but Kentucky does things a little different! They cannot just have snow, they have to have ice along with it - that really takes the fun out of it! As a nice little bonus, we have found that our apartment complex does NOTHING to clear the parking lot. The first night of the storm it was a sheet of ice, now it is a nice mixture of snow, ice, slush and more ice. Good thing we have 4-wheel drive! The rest of the roads have been cleared pretty well, but it is just really tricky to get to those roads. Here is a glimpse of our back deck:

Before Mike left, I gave him some notes to read each day of his trip and I included some fun pictures. I found a new toy - a website that allows you to make online scrapbooks. I am not much of a scrapbooker, so really I just stole other people's ideas and made some individual pictures for Mike. There is no overall theme, except that Emily is in just about every picture. I did include a couple of me - we don't want him to forget what I look like. ; ) I will try to share some more of the photos as the days go by. Here is the first one:

And here are a couple of recent shots, just for good measure.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear what is happening through this transition for Mike and you and little Em. Glad things are starting off well. We were wondering how the first day was going. We have been praying, and each time I woke up in the night I was praying for all of you.

Glad you and little Em are doing well. I'm sure she will be thinking, "ahhh, how I love my mommy's loving touch."

Loved the pictures, the last one must have been when you told her I was coming to visit :) Looking forward to seeing those little plump, rosy cheeks up close!


Amy said...

Wow! I didn't even know Mike was going to Thailand. How exciting...and yes, we'll be praying for all of you!

Emily is so beautiful! Enjoy your Mama-daughter time. No doubt Emily will love the "girl time" and you'll both be so ready for Mike to be home when he comes, too!

The pics and cards are a great idea--!

Sarah Benn said...

So glad you didn't lose power! I was worried when I heard Kentucky!